No More Baby Bed

August 26th, 2009

It finally happened. IC has still been sleeping peacefully in his crib up until this week. He learned how to escape and now the entire dynamic of bedtime has changed. Daddy took the side off of his crib making it into a day bed and now IC is enjoying his independence.

He has occasionally napped in OD’s big boy bed this summer in an effort to prepare him for the eviction from the crib when the new baby comes. This still didn’t prepare him enough for this event. The first night he rolled out of bed several times. We bought him his own pillow and that seems to have helped him to stay centered. For two nights in a row he has slept without any falling out. The next hard step will be getting him to share a room with OD when Baby comes. Let the sleepless nights begin (for everyone).

OD is off for his 3rd day at Preschool this year. He has been having so much fun and is making new friends quickly. The hard part of this has been getting everyone up fed, dressed and out the door on time. It is a lot for poor Daddy to shoulder right now as Mommy can only help with getting OD up and dressed. Hopefully in the near future things will go more smoothly. Baby is now 30 weeks so in about two months, if all goes well, things will really get crazy here.

All Eyes On You

August 14th, 2009

Today was a rather eventful day. IC had his two year check-up for his eyes today. He passed with flying colors. The Doctor doesn’t need to see him again until he turns 4. We have been so blessed with IC. His health has been just remarkable considering what he started from. He could have needed any number of surgeries, transfusions and there are numerous other health problems that could have very likely been stumbling blocks on his road to growing up. However, God has seen fit to bless him with smooth sailing along the way thus far. And we are greatful!

IC weighed in at 20 lb 4oz back in June. It is amazing how much he struggled to reach that mark. Now he can offically ride forward facing in the van. He continues to eat well and his vocabulary is increasing daily. He is now speaking in several three and four word sentences but he is a long way from holding much of a conversation. IC would much rather do his special dance than talk. (He dances when he gets excited or hears music). It is very funny!

OD is very anxiously awaiting the beginning of the next school year. This will be his seconod year in preschool, however, he will be attending all day this year. The timing is wonderful on this as Mommy is still cruising along on bed rest and there is only so much a Mommy can do to entertain a 4 year old, energetic boy. IC however, did not get so lucky. He is still stuck with Mommy everyday until the time for the new baby arrives.

Mommy is indeed still laying in bed, trying to buy as much time as possible for this next little one. Baby is now 28 weeks along which is the same week IC was born. The good news is that Everything appears to be holding strong at this point. Still, some days Mommy’s body still struggles with too many contractions. Making it to the third trimester was a huge milestone and the possibility of continuing farther is wonderful news for all of us.

Baby # 3 appears to be another boy! OD was praying for a sister but it was not to be. Baby also already weighs more than 2 lbs which is normal and very relieving. He is growing right on schedule with no sign of IUGR which was why his big brother was so small when he was born two years ago.

We will continue to post new updates periodically as things progress or whenever we get bored.;}

Two Happy Years

June 23rd, 2009

Well it has been an interesting spring here. IC has not been gaining weight quickly enough to make his doctor happy. His appetite was not great until the last 6 weeks or so. At his last appointment back in March he still had not reached the 20lb mark. He had suffered through an intestinal illness and a couple run of the mill colds but is now eating like a pro. He has also been slow to get all of his teeth. He now officially has 2 top and 2 bottom molars and 5 teeth in the front, 2 on top and 3 on the bottom. This may have added to his difficulty gaining weight earlier this spring. We will find out later this week just how he is doing according to the Doc.

IC did successfully survive winter #2 without getting RSV! That is very exciting as he did not receive the RSV shots this year to help prevent it.

He is speaking in a few small sentences but they usually consist of 2 words…i.e. (….Daddy go? meaning where did daddy go or Mommy Keys). Aside from being a little small he is very close to what I would consider a normal two year old boy to be. He also received his first big boy hair cut a few weeks ago and now looks much different and a lot less floppy.

It has been nearly 6 months since my last post and I will continue to update here. We found out in March that we are expecting baby number 3! This is all very exciting except for the fact that this pregnancy has been riddled with a few complications that have left us in a very similar situation to IC’s dramatic birth. IC was born at 28 weeks 3 days gestation after his water broke at 24 weeks 3 days. This baby is currently 20 weeks 5 days and appears healthy and happy. I was put on home bed rest at 15 weeks due to a second subchronic hemmorage. The doctor will keep me on bed rest until there is proof that the placenta has improved (if it does). She hopes this will improve our odds of keeping water and baby in tact until late October. But until then we are counting the weeks until we get to that critical 28 week mark. That will be in mid-August. It seems like a long time away but it will be worth every minute.

In the mean time, we will celebrate IC’s triumphant 2nd birthday tomorrow and remember just how blessed we have been to have his sweet smile with us for two crazy years!

A Sum of Events

January 22nd, 2009

Here is a summary of the last few weeks. We survived Christmas and OD’s Birthday and then returned to a happy, calm, pre-holiday normal. The boy’s both had a doctor check-up shortly after. IC has grown, he weighs 18lb 10oz. He hasn’t grown quite as much in height this time. I believe he is only a little over 30 inches but when he stands next to OD he is already up to Big brother’s shoulder. OD is 32lb and 38+ inches tall. During the visit both boys were very friendly to the doctor and IC was especially cooperative. She seems to think that IC is progressing nicely. He is mostly on schedule and by the time he has his next real visit (in June) he will be as caught up as if he were born right on schedule. (These are my words and not the doctors but it appears to be true). He will always have minor complications in his lungs because of his prematurity but this only usually arises when he gets a cold. His reflux seems to have subsided (yeah); leaving fewer messes to clean up. It only took 16 months.

OD on the other hand was doing well in all areas expected except that the doctor noticed a slight murmur in his heart. We did have it checked out about a week later and found that it is perfectly normal. Apparently, some children just develop these as they grow and in time it will vanish as if it were never there. That same day IC came down with a fever that continued over the weekend accompanied by a nasty cough. On Sunday he was completely miserable had eaten very little and began to throw up when he did eat. He seemed to only throw up because his coughing was so bad that it caused him to gag. On Monday he was taken to the doctor and found to have Pneumonia! His lungs progressed very quickly to that state because it was a virus. However, today he is almost completely better. He only coughs a handful of times a day and his appetite is almost completely returned. I do anticipate that he has lost a little weight but we will do our best to convince him to gain it back.

We are quite relieved that it was only a virus. IC was “Too Healthy” to qualify for the RSV vaccination this season so every time he gets sick we hold our breath. However, we are half way through RSV season right now. We will celebrate if we can make it to April healthy. We are very eager for some warmer weather so the boys can go outside and play.

Happy Holidays!

December 8th, 2008

It has been quite some time since we have updated so here we go. OD is still loving school, however, he does not have much to report about his days unless we pry with questions. I am beginning to see improvement in his control of pencils/crayons. I am sad to report that he has now entered the “Mommy, I’m bored…what can I do?” stage. He is becoming very independent and is full of “why” questions. They seem to never end some days. At the end of this month OD will officially be 4! He is going to be sad that he has to give up 3 and 3/4. (That is how old he will tell you he is now).

IC is doing just as well. He is now above 18 lbs but I don’t think this will please his doctor at the end of the month. I guess we will have to stuff him with extra Christmas goodies to try and add a little more weight. Over the Thanksgiving holiday everyone was sick except for daddy. We had a pretty nasty cold of some sort. I even had a nasty case of laryngitis that I have still not totally gotten rid of. But other than that the entire family is back to a holiday normal. IC is now communicating pretty well with signs and a few words. Over Thanksgiving he mastered the sign “please” and even threw in a little Pwee, pwee, pwee when he was offered something that he really likes. He also mastered the sign for “Help”. When he wants anything that he can’t reach or do himself he signs help. It is quite amusing. As of this week IC has officially figured out how to run. He has been walking extremely fast up till now to keep up with everyone. He and OD get along for short periods of time but they fuss at each other more often than not. Despite this IC follows OD around like a puppy. He wants to do everything his big brother does. I will post the updated stats in a few weeks. Until then Merry Christmas and count your blessings.

15 Months Old

September 26th, 2008

IC went for his 15 month check-up this week. He weighs 17lb and 2oz. Once again this is not a lot of growth but the Doc was not terribly concerned both because he is now very mobile on his feet (he walks constantly) and because he grew more than two inches in height! I could tell by the way his clothes are fitting that he is getting taller but I never guessed that it was that much. The problem is that he is so skinny that pants long enough to fit the length will not stay up around his waist. I guess we are going to have to rely on overalls and one piece outfits all winter.

We are still waiting to hear if he gets approved for Synagis (the RSV shot) again this year. It does not sound promising this year because most children don’t get approved after their first birthday. He has been very healthy with only a stuffy nose from time to time this summer, however, time will tell if the wheezing returns this fall if he gets a serious cold. Now that OD is in school we will be exposed to some new germs.

Speaking of OD, he has adjusted well to school and LOVES it. He wakes up those mornings ready to go and greets me with a smile when I pick him up. It is hard to believe how big he is already.

Baby Steps

September 7th, 2008

Well IC officially started taking multiple steps this week. It is so adorable to watch him go. He has very strong leg muscles and is able to get to a standing position all on his own in the middle of the room or yard. His maximum distance so far is about 5 feet but I believe he will add to that this week. He wants to keep up with his older brother and his legs just need a little more practice before he is ready to make the upright mode his main mode of transportation.

On another note, OD is officially in school (2 days a week). He is loving every minute of it. He is so excited about it that he even ran in and forgot to tell daddy goodbye this week. He hung up his back pack and just darted into the room. We are pleased that he enjoys it so much but it would be nice to feel that he misses us a little bit.

IC will go back to the doctor in a couple of weeks for his 15/12month check up. His original due date was September 13th so this week may have been his birthday if everything had been normal. He functions just about where he would have if he were born on time. He is lagging behind just a little on his vocal skills and in his eating. But we are working hard to bring him up to par. The good news is that he is not far enough behind to qualify for any additional services. However, his is still just a small little fellow but he is as happy as he can be.

He is also still toothless! It is funny but I feel that that may be causing him to fall behind in his eating because it does limit what he can chew and how hard he can chew. hopefully we will see a tooth or two in the next month or two and maybe that will make things a little easier.

Newest Weight

August 1st, 2008

IC went back yesterday for a weight check. On his 12 month appointment he weighed 15.9 lbs so the doctor asked us to check back in a month to make sure that he was growing properly and intervention was not needed. Since that time we have been feeding him constantly and trying to get him to eat as much as possible. I am happy to announce that as of yesterday IC weighs 16.5 lbs. In a month he gained nearly a pound. That was very reassuring. He is beginning to be less interested in his bottle and is only eating around 16 oz a day compared to the 20+ oz he was eating a month ago. I guess he is just getting those calories from food instead because he did grow.
As far as food is concerned that is an entirely different story. He loves bread and the classic baby food flavors like sweet potatoes, squash greenbeans and carrots. But he is having some aversion to textures. He refuses most food with lumps in it but does rather well with food that is not pureed. He even at hamburger a few weeks ago. That was especially surprising to me because he still has no teeth. We keep waiting but he doesn’t even really have any teeth in sight.
He has developed a summertime cold and is extra snotty right now but it only seems to bother him when he sleeps. He gets very frustrated with the fact that he can’t breath through his nose and complains about it very loudly.
OD begins preschool in just a few weeks and he can’t wait. I will post how things go later this month.

Pictures of our boys!

July 9th, 2008
Isaiah and Orion – June 2008

One Precious Year

June 25th, 2008

It is finally here! IC is 1 year old . He enjoyed playing in his cake. I don’t think that he ate much of the cake but he spent about 10 minutes squeezing handfuls of it We had a small private party over lunch with just our family and Mommaw and Poppaw who came down from Ohio to help us celebrate.

IC is pulling up and cruising on everything. He is also beginning to stand on his own. He is brave and becoming very vocal.

I don’t have a correct weight for him at this time but we will get that at his one year check up in a couple of days.