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All Eyes On You

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Today was a rather eventful day. IC had his two year check-up for his eyes today. He passed with flying colors. The Doctor doesn’t need to see him again until he turns 4. We have been so blessed with IC. His health has been just remarkable considering what he started from. He could have needed any number of surgeries, transfusions and there are numerous other health problems that could have very likely been stumbling blocks on his road to growing up. However, God has seen fit to bless him with smooth sailing along the way thus far. And we are greatful!

IC weighed in at 20 lb 4oz back in June. It is amazing how much he struggled to reach that mark. Now he can offically ride forward facing in the van. He continues to eat well and his vocabulary is increasing daily. He is now speaking in several three and four word sentences but he is a long way from holding much of a conversation. IC would much rather do his special dance than talk. (He dances when he gets excited or hears music). It is very funny!

OD is very anxiously awaiting the beginning of the next school year. This will be his seconod year in preschool, however, he will be attending all day this year. The timing is wonderful on this as Mommy is still cruising along on bed rest and there is only so much a Mommy can do to entertain a 4 year old, energetic boy. IC however, did not get so lucky. He is still stuck with Mommy everyday until the time for the new baby arrives.

Mommy is indeed still laying in bed, trying to buy as much time as possible for this next little one. Baby is now 28 weeks along which is the same week IC was born. The good news is that Everything appears to be holding strong at this point. Still, some days Mommy’s body still struggles with too many contractions. Making it to the third trimester was a huge milestone and the possibility of continuing farther is wonderful news for all of us.

Baby # 3 appears to be another boy! OD was praying for a sister but it was not to be. Baby also already weighs more than 2 lbs which is normal and very relieving. He is growing right on schedule with no sign of IUGR which was why his big brother was so small when he was born two years ago.

We will continue to post new updates periodically as things progress or whenever we get bored.;}

Weighing In

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

On Monday we made our monthly visit to see the scale in the pediatricians office.  With no clothes and no diaper on IC weighed 6lb 10oz.!  It had been 2  hours since he had eaten so his belly was not full.  The nurse called him a little piglet and I’ll have to say that is a compliment for him.  September 13 was IC’s offical due date so we are now officially 40 weeks and begin to count his progress as if he were born on schedule.  He will be 3 months old this coming weekend and only slightly resembles a 3 month old.  He is beginning to work on holding his head up but that is really the only developmental skill that will be ahead of schedule for now.  He still sleeps about as much as 1-2 month old baby and is of course eating every 3 hours round the clock still. 
    IC has nearly caught up to where he should be as far as weight is concerned.  His big brother weighed 7lb 14oz at  40 weeks so IC is just a little more than a pound smaller than his big brother was.  Since each child is different, all we can do is wait to see when he begins to slow down and compare his progress to his big brother who was not premature.  Though I have to say it will be difficult to compare him to his brother because OD is quite small for his age.  He weighs 26lbs and is closing in on 3 years of age.  We will just have to wait and see.  Speaking of OD, he is doing well with his toilet training.  Every time we think we are ready to ditch the pull-ups we have another minor set back but as with all things this will take a little time. So OD is moving out of diapers (yeah!) and IC is moving up from Preemie to newborn/size 1 diapers.  Once again all we can say is that we are blessed far beyond what we deserve.  Thanks for your prayers.

Still Growing

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

The picture is from his 3rd day in NICU.  He is holding my (Daddy’s) wedding ring. 

I went to see IC tonight and he is doing great.  He lost 2 grams (.2 ounces).  Not a setback, just a bump in the road.  They’ve increased his formula from 27 calories to 30 and he alternates formula and milk every other feeding.  Holding Daddy's wedding ringI’m sure he’ll grow a little tonight.  His heartbeat had settled since last night.  It was between 150 and 170 which is very good.  I did get to do K-Care.  He fell asleep after about 15 minutes.  He slept very comfortably.  His breathing treatments are on an as-needed basis because of his heartbeat mishap yesterday. 

OD has been doing very well with his big boy bed.  He hasn’t fallen out once this whole week.  He seems to sleep longer than he did with his toddler bed.  We went grocery shopping last night and he wanted to get out of the cart and “walk all be myself”.  So we told him the rules: don’t touch anything on the shelves and stay with Mommy and Daddy.  He did pretty good.  We had to put him back in the cart for a few minutes to remind him of the rules, but once we let him back down he did fine and we even got to see the fish.  It was a good day.

Little by Little

Friday, July 13th, 2007

Not much has changed today. IC gained only a little weight over the passed 24 hours. He only gained 5 grams which puts him a little closer but not quite to 1000 grams. Wearin' Mamaw's glasses.He could potentially reach this goal tomorrow. The doctor put him on 27 calorie formula now to help him gain even more weight.

As of today IC was very stable and the doctor ordered his nasal canula to be dropped from 2.5 to 1.5. I am not for sure exactly what that means but the nasal canula comes in different sizes to allow different amounts of oxygen and I think that the doctor wants to see how well he can hold up on the next size down. This nasal canula looks the same as his current one but allows less oxygen flow from the machine. This is one step closer to moving to an open crib and coming home. By the way, that is still at least a month away if all continues to go well and he avoids infections and sickness. We have to keep praying and practicing healthy habits so no one gets sick but most importantly we have to keep praying for IC. God has blessed us beyond what we could have dreamed so far.

OD on the other hand, has been talking our ears off. This child loves to talk and has lately been your average two year old. Many melt downs and tantrums in public places (namely the hospital lobby). Despite this I must say I am very proud of him. The other day we went out to eat at a fast food restaurant and the dining room hostess was very friendly with him. He began to play 20 questions with her asking many “why” questions and after a few minutes she asked him (OD not us) if she could pick him up. His response surprised all of us, he buried his face in his daddy’s shoulder and shook his head no. This was much to our relief. I am not thrilled with the idea of a strange person offering to pick up my child even if he is a loud two year old.

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A Whole New Day

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

OD has officially moved up to a big bed. We will see how long it takes him to decide that he misses his crib. He was very excited about the bed but would not sleep on it until daddy lay down next to him for nap time. He went to bed with minimal trouble tonight. I think he really likes the “big boy” stuff.

IC has had quite an eventful day as well. He had quite a list of doctors orders today. The most exciting event of the day was when the nurse weighed him to find out that he has finally broken the 2 lb mark. He is 2 lb 0.3oz.! His head circumference is 24.5 which is .5 bigger than when he was born. Also, he is 14.25in long so he has grown significantly lengthwise. What a way to celebrate the 2 week mark.
His feedings have once again increased and the doctor has ordered larger doses of caffeine since he has grown in size. Another exciting milestone we were not expecting was that he is no longer under the biliribbon lights! The last time we saw him he was wrapped up in a glowing blanket. It will be strange to visit him and not see his little corner glowing from the bili lights. I believe that this means his little liver is functioning well enough to keep him jaundice free for the time being.

As of this morning IC was still free of the CPAP. That means he has made it to the 24 hour mark. The doctor said that if he is going to have trouble breathing it will usually show up within 24 to 36 hours after the CPAP is removed. The first time we had the CPAP removed he didn’t have any trouble until about 36 hours after. We are anxious to see how tomorrow turns out.

The only change the nurses have noticed so far is that since the CPAP has come out he has at times required a good deal more oxygen from the nasal canulas. Hopefully this will also just be a passing thing as his little lungs are simply not fully developed yet. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as positive as today has been for our amazing boys!

Getting Bigger, Getting Bolder

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

ICs first picture!IC is getting bigger! Mommy and I went for a visit to NICU to see IC this afternoon. He continues to improve. Mommy was very excited to change his diaper and feed him. By feed him, I mean she held a syringe with milk up in the air while it drained through a feeding tube to his stomach. He’s very comfy in his new incubator. The nurses are doing very well keeping him calm and comfortable while he grows. His skin looks like it’s thicker and more durable. We were afraid the tape they use for IVs, feeding tubes, wires, etc. would pull his skin off (not that it would, they’re very careful).
OD is becoming more bold. Well into the terrible twos he likes to shout “NO, Never again” when Mommy or Daddy ask him to do something. He likes to be independent and make independent choices. He’s a good boy, it’s just going to be hard to work through this phase (hopefully it’s just a phase!). He also likes to walk by himself and not hold Mommy or Daddy’s hands. Very dangerous in parking lots. We usually end up carrying him into wherever we go just to avoid him running into traffic.