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With A Little Help

Friday, July 20th, 2007

    Not a whole lot is new with IC right now.  He has had a lot of neighbor changes in his new environment.  A lot of babies come and go in a matter of days but it doesn’t seem to bother him as he just wants to sleep.  Today he weighs in at 2lb. 11.9oz!  Yesterday he was 2lb. 10oz. so he is making pretty big leeps in weight gain at least they are big leaps for him.  The only down size is that it has been several days since he has had a bowel movement.  This will bring the weight down a little when he does decide to go but he steadily continues to grow.  At this rate of growth he may reach 3 lb. in another week.  According to all the charts a baby of his gestation (32 weeks) in utero should be nearing 4 lbs.  So he has a little catching up to do. 
    He is holding steady at .1 on his nasal canula while breathing room air.  He requires a little oxygen assistance toward the end of his feedings because of reflux but we are hopeful that he will grow out of this in the next few weeks.  However, there is a slight possibility that he will not.  He continues to take medication to control the reflux and has had few spit ups since being put on the medication.  He is also still sleeping on a wedge to help keep his head inclined.  The only words we got from the doctor yesterday were “he just needs to grow” and so our lesson in patience continues.  God continues to affirm that he is in control and our precious baby is in his hands.

    OD is much the same today as well.  He never ceases to amuse us.  Yesterday, Daddy was rushing around getting ready to leave to see IC and then head off to work.  As daddy opened the door to leave OD said “Daddy, you got you wallet and you phone?” (The two things daddy must remember every morning before he leaves) Coincidentally, he had left his phone on his night stand.  OD is always proud to help out and it really makes him feel big when situations like this occur.

Day 23 and 24

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

    Well as of July 17th IC weighed in at 2lb 7.7oz. His oxygen started out around .7 and when I went to see him last night he was already down to .3.  Look at that hair!He was still responding to it very well and requiring only room air.  He still is getting breathing treatments but only on an as needed basis. 

    I arrived at the NICU just in time for his feeding last night so he was quite upset when I got there as he was hungry.  He is now eating 21ml of food per feeding.  We started our K-care time and he just couldn’t seem to get comfortable while being held.  He all but refused to lay his head down on my chest.  He loves to rest his head on his arms so I assumed that he just wanted to do that.  His heart rate and breathing were all over the place on the monitor because of his restlessness.  About 5 minutes later he settled down and began resting more comfortably.  The nurse came and readjusted him so that he could hear my heart beat.  After she left I suddenly realized why IC had been so restless.  It was obvious by the pungent odor that was now surrounding me that he had been struggling that whole time to have a bowel movement. By the way, after that he fell right to sleep for the rest of our time together.  At least until I changed his diaper.
    Based on previous experience with IC and large dirty diapers I assumed that today we would find that he had actually lost weight.  Upon visiting this morning Daddy reported that IC now weighs 2lb 8.4oz!  We have finally reached 2 and 1/2 pounds.  What is more exciting is that when Daddy went to do K-care this morning the nurse got special permission for him to hold IC swaddled in a blanket (just like a normal baby).  We were told that this would happen when he reached 1300 grams but since he is now 3 weeks old the doctors thought that it would be all right.

    OD had a great time out last night.  He went with daddy to play disc (frizbee) golf with a friend at a nearby park while I was with IC.  He (OD) continually asks questions about IC.  Every time we go for a visit he asks if he gets to go back and see his baby brother.  It breaks my heart to have to repeatedly tell him no but I am sure that it will not be long before we come home with IC and OD asks us to take him back to the hospital.  I don’t think he is really going to be ready to hear a baby cry in the middle of the night while he is sleeping.  OD is a smart kid but there is no way to get a two year old to understand the relationship between germs and preemies.

    We thank God daily for IC’s continued progress and the blessing of parenthood.  We would also like to thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts.

Moving Up

Monday, July 16th, 2007

    Well we can put another day on the books.  IC has been moved from his usual corner in the NICU.  He has now been moved up to what the nurses call the “beepy” area.  This area is more crowded and all of the babies are on monitors that require lots of attention so it is quite noisy.  He still gets a window seat so it doesn’t feel so squished.  That was the most exciting news of the day.

     We did our first double K-Care today.  Daddy spent a little time with him before work and I got to hold him around supper time.  He is weighing in at 2lbs 6oz. so we are pleased with that.  His oxygen has been turned down to .6 as of this evening.  His breathing is still pretty unstable when he gets moved and it takes him 15 minutes or so to settle  back into a good breathing pattern but he does eventually settle down.  His heart rate is much better today back down to 160’s.

    Daddy spoke too soon yesterday.  Last night around midnight I heard a loud thump in the baby monitor.  I went to OD’s room to see what it was and of course he had rolled out of bed.  He was still so sleepy he didn’t even cry.   I don’t think that he realized what had happened.  He has started  walking around this week with his hands cupped saying that he is holding IC because he is little.   It is cute. When IC comes home we are going to have to buy OD his own baby doll so he will have someone to hold until IC is less fragile

Still Growing

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

The picture is from his 3rd day in NICU.  He is holding my (Daddy’s) wedding ring. 

I went to see IC tonight and he is doing great.  He lost 2 grams (.2 ounces).  Not a setback, just a bump in the road.  They’ve increased his formula from 27 calories to 30 and he alternates formula and milk every other feeding.  Holding Daddy's wedding ringI’m sure he’ll grow a little tonight.  His heartbeat had settled since last night.  It was between 150 and 170 which is very good.  I did get to do K-Care.  He fell asleep after about 15 minutes.  He slept very comfortably.  His breathing treatments are on an as-needed basis because of his heartbeat mishap yesterday. 

OD has been doing very well with his big boy bed.  He hasn’t fallen out once this whole week.  He seems to sleep longer than he did with his toddler bed.  We went grocery shopping last night and he wanted to get out of the cart and “walk all be myself”.  So we told him the rules: don’t touch anything on the shelves and stay with Mommy and Daddy.  He did pretty good.  We had to put him back in the cart for a few minutes to remind him of the rules, but once we let him back down he did fine and we even got to see the fish.  It was a good day.

Runs in the Family

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Every time we visit IC he looks stronger and more alert. Yesterday during our visit he kept picking his head up and pulling his nasalPeek-a-boo!! canula out. He even got irritated that daddy was putting the canula back in so he turned his head to face away from us.

His nurse today said that he was pitching such a fit that the only way she could get him to calm down was to rub the top of his head until he fell asleep. The funny thing is that daddy and big brother OD are exactly the same way. All it takes to relax them is a little running your fingers through their hair. So I guess now there are three in our family who will stand in line for a good hair massage.

As of today IC weighs in at 2lb 2.8oz. We are so close to 1000 grams. 1000 grams is a big milestone for preemies born as early as IC. I guess that the high calorie formula is really doing its thing. The only problem is now he spits up after many of his formula feedings. As long as he continues to grow we will allow a little spit-up.

We did another K-Kare today. It takes him a minute or two to get comfy but once he does he really enjoys being snuggled up next to mommy or daddy. Soon we will be moving to two k-kares a day. I am not exactly sure what happens after that. The logical suggestion would be 3 times a day. While he is visibly larger (a little bit larger) than when he was born he is still very tiny and somewhat fragile. K-kare is an eye opening reminder of this. I know that he will do a lot of changing in the next few weeks so I hope that we will keep up in pictures.

Day 12 in the NICU

Friday, July 6th, 2007

When I went to visit IC yesterday his nurse suggested that we skip K-Kare for the day. She suggested this because he is still having some difficulties breathing and moving him only seems to intensify his difficulty. So the prognosis was to let the sleeping dog(s) lie. His breathing problem was casually labeled by the nurse as apnea/bradycardia. It is very frightning to watch as he will forget to breathe for a few moments but it is not frequent and we have not received a confirmed diagnosis from any of the Doctors just yet. If it does indeed turn out to be apnea/bradycardia the nurse has assured us that it is very common and nothing to worry about just yet.

As of today the doctor looked over the latest chest X-ray and informed us that his lungs look much better than they did in previous examinations. Because of this tomorrow they plan to once again attempt to remove the CPAP and move him back to the nasal canula. That is the good news….the bad news is that daddy and I both woke up this morning with stuffy noses. Actually mine was more along the lines of runny but nevertheless we asked the doctor what we should do and his suggestion was that we stay away for a few days and then when we do come back we have to wear a mask so as not to spread any germs.
That means that we wont get to see our baby until next week. This is terrible to even think of but it is best for IC and all of the other babies in the NICU. I guess that means that it was indeed for the best that I didn’t get to hold him yesterday. We’re guessing that this mystery cold came from a waiting room/door or hand rail in the hospital as OD started showing signs of it a day or two earlier.
He has spent a lot of time in the waiting room of the hospital and as you can imagine he doesn’t just set quietly in his chair.

IC now weighs 1lb 15.5oz! If all goes well he will be back to his birth weight before the weekend is up. The doctor has also started to add fortifier to his milk in order to give him adequate minerals and especially calcium, not to mention additional calories. This could possibly speed up his growth even more. As of now he is eating only the milk and supplement. The IV for fatty acids and sugar water should have both been discontinued. I forgot to ask his nurse if that IV was taken out today. Also if he stays stable in his blood gasses and sugar level the large IV put in his arm (PICC line) will be removed within the next week. It is so encouraging to gradually see him freed from all of the wires that covered his tiny body for these first weeks of his life. He is not wire free yet but hopefully that day will come soon.

A Mother’s Touch

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

Mommy went to see IC today and was welcomed with a couple of surprises. IC and Mommy doing Kangaroo CareFirst, they took off the CPAP (a machine that adds pressure to his air supply to help him breathe). Now he’s breathing on his own without the help of machines. He still has an Oxygen tube to help with the Oxygen saturation levels in his blood, but there’s no machine to help his lungs take in air.

Her second surprise was Kangaroo Care. Kangaroo Care is where Mommy or Daddy can place a preemie on their chest to bond. Usually the baby has to be 1000grams (2.2lbs.), but because he’s doing so well they decided it was time. Right now he’s 1lb. 13.9oz. She was so excited to hold him for the first time I’ll let her tell the rest.