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Baby Steps

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Well IC officially started taking multiple steps this week. It is so adorable to watch him go. He has very strong leg muscles and is able to get to a standing position all on his own in the middle of the room or yard. His maximum distance so far is about 5 feet but I believe he will add to that this week. He wants to keep up with his older brother and his legs just need a little more practice before he is ready to make the upright mode his main mode of transportation.

On another note, OD is officially in school (2 days a week). He is loving every minute of it. He is so excited about it that he even ran in and forgot to tell daddy goodbye this week. He hung up his back pack and just darted into the room. We are pleased that he enjoys it so much but it would be nice to feel that he misses us a little bit.

IC will go back to the doctor in a couple of weeks for his 15/12month check up. His original due date was September 13th so this week may have been his birthday if everything had been normal. He functions just about where he would have if he were born on time. He is lagging behind just a little on his vocal skills and in his eating. But we are working hard to bring him up to par. The good news is that he is not far enough behind to qualify for any additional services. However, his is still just a small little fellow but he is as happy as he can be.

He is also still toothless! It is funny but I feel that that may be causing him to fall behind in his eating because it does limit what he can chew and how hard he can chew. hopefully we will see a tooth or two in the next month or two and maybe that will make things a little easier.

Newest Weight

Friday, August 1st, 2008

IC went back yesterday for a weight check. On his 12 month appointment he weighed 15.9 lbs so the doctor asked us to check back in a month to make sure that he was growing properly and intervention was not needed. Since that time we have been feeding him constantly and trying to get him to eat as much as possible. I am happy to announce that as of yesterday IC weighs 16.5 lbs. In a month he gained nearly a pound. That was very reassuring. He is beginning to be less interested in his bottle and is only eating around 16 oz a day compared to the 20+ oz he was eating a month ago. I guess he is just getting those calories from food instead because he did grow.
As far as food is concerned that is an entirely different story. He loves bread and the classic baby food flavors like sweet potatoes, squash greenbeans and carrots. But he is having some aversion to textures. He refuses most food with lumps in it but does rather well with food that is not pureed. He even at hamburger a few weeks ago. That was especially surprising to me because he still has no teeth. We keep waiting but he doesn’t even really have any teeth in sight.
He has developed a summertime cold and is extra snotty right now but it only seems to bother him when he sleeps. He gets very frustrated with the fact that he can’t breath through his nose and complains about it very loudly.
OD begins preschool in just a few weeks and he can’t wait. I will post how things go later this month.

Pictures of our boys!

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008
Isaiah and Orion – June 2008

One Precious Year

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

It is finally here! IC is 1 year old . He enjoyed playing in his cake. I don’t think that he ate much of the cake but he spent about 10 minutes squeezing handfuls of it We had a small private party over lunch with just our family and Mommaw and Poppaw who came down from Ohio to help us celebrate.

IC is pulling up and cruising on everything. He is also beginning to stand on his own. He is brave and becoming very vocal.

I don’t have a correct weight for him at this time but we will get that at his one year check up in a couple of days.

RSV Season is Over

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Well RSV season is officially over here in Kentucky. We made it and no one caught the awful sickness. However the month of April was interesting for our family. Everyone, in this household has at some point during the month of April been sick. It was mostly cough and nasal congestion for the boys. OD got it first (while at the doctors office) and of course, could not be kept away from his brother. OD actually came down with this illness while he was on antibiotics so the Pediatrician said that it could have been walking pneumonia. Whatever it was it was not fun. When IC started coughing we noticed that he also started wheezing. This was a little scary since he had to receive 3 nebulizer treatments a day until the doctor told us otherwise. But after about a week the wheezing stopped and now all is well again and we do not have to use the nebulizer any longer. The doctor told us that it is possible that he could develop asthma because of his prematurity but right now all now everything seems to be normal

In fact all is so well in this house that IC began to crawl yesterday! He has been dragging himself around like a little army man for several weeks now to get where ever he wants but that all changed yesterday. He is also babbling a lot more than he used to. He says Da, Ga, Ra, and some sort of Za sound. We are still working on Ma and Ba but hope to hear it soon.

OD had to have a minor surgery this month. He had an abscess inside his ear canal and it was giving him pain when it would swell up. He had to be put to sleep in order for the doctor to perform the procedure and this was interesting as parents were not allowed to be in the room until he came out of anesthesia. He did remarkably well and had the nurses cracking up by the time we were ready to leave.

Coming up this month IC will be having his eyes checked for the final time and we have to make one more trip to the pediatricians office to make sure that IC’s last ear infection has gone away. I hope that this is the last trip there until IC’s birthday in June. It has to be better than last month. We made 5 visits to the pediatricians office! That is a few too many.


Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Here are some pictures of our boys. Hope you like them.

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6 1/2 Months Worth of Amazement

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Well we finally got IC’s synagis shot and he is now officially caught up on that vaccination. I spoke with a nurse from the doctor’s office yesterday and she said that there has been a major rise in the number of RSV cases lately. We will be trying to lay as low as possible so as to avoid contact with anyone who may have it. IC’s weight as of Monday night is 12 lbs and 2 ozs! That was with a diaper and onesie on. The diaper weighs one once and the onesie a little less than that so he is really 12 pounds! We are very excited. He is becoming very active and has quite the personality. He loves for people to talk to him. He will smile and squeal every time. He gets especially excited when big brother and daddy talk to him. It seems like he can hardly contain himself when they approach him with a smile on their face. It is amazing when I look back and think about the first weeks after he was born he was just this tiny little red skinned and very delicate doll who lay nearly motionless under the plastic wrap. Now he rocks himself completely off of his play mat when he is on the floor and screams so loud that it will hurt your ears. Amazing! What a blessing.

January post

Friday, January 11th, 2008

Another new year has begun. IC and OD went for their 6month and 3yr check ups a few days before the close of the year. OD’s weight at the age of 3 is 28lbs. He is such a light weight. He is also 35 inches tall. Needless to say he is a little smaller than most other kids his age but that is ok. IC on the other hand weighs a grand total of 11 1/2 lbs. That means that in 6 months he has gained 9 1/2 lbs. He is in the 10th percentile for height and weight of a child who is 3 months old. That is just about right since he would only be 3months old if he were born on his due date in September. Developmentally, he is still right on track as well. He is extremely vocal when he is happy and loves to sit up (with a little assistance) and see what is going on. He rolls on to his side to look behind him and on occasion will roll himself all the way over but doesn’t have much of a desire to roll completely over. He is tolerating tummy time a little better now but still prefers to play on his back.

In early February we will go back to the hospital where he (IC) was born and get evaluated by the physical therapist who saw him in the NICU. She will be looking to see if he has reached all of the appropriate milestones and if he has not then we will have to set up some intervention to catch him up to speed. We will also swing by and visit the doctor who delivered him and maybe if I don’t hear any coughing we will swing by the nicu and wave at the nurses and doctors through the window. That will be exciting.

On the home front we will be getting another weight check for IC on Monday or Tuesday as we are just now getting to his RSV vaccination for January. Long story! Let’s just say the insurance company decided to make some changes and since all the paperwork takes so long we are just now getting to it.
Hope your new year is going well

What We are Thankful For…

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

We took IC and OD to the doctor yesterday for a brief check. OD had to get his booster shot for the flu vaccine and while we were there we just put IC on the scale to make sure that he was growing. It turns out that IC has finally made his way up to the double digits! We are so excited. He now weighs 10lb 4oz. Because his weight gain has been so good the doctor no longer feels that we need to make any special effort to monitor his weight gain so we will only weigh in at the normal doctor visits now. This is a relief for us because the less time we spend in the doctors office the less chance we have of catching any sickness.

IC is now holding his head up pretty well for short periods of time and loves to sit up and see the world. He sleeps really well at night but still wakes to eat at least one meal most nights. He usually chugs a four ounce bottle and is then ready to go back to bed. I have reason to believe that he is currently going through a growth spurt. He usually eats between 2 and 3 ounces of milk per feeding but lately he is really hungry and has been eating all 4 ounces at nearly every meal. He also has begun making an effort to roll over by arching his back. He has been successful a couple of times but he doesn’t have it mastered yet. I thought that he would never want to try to roll over since he hates tummy time. He loves to sleep on his tummy but doesn’t see any reason for laying that way during play time. He still sleeps on a wedge to help control the reflux. The wedge (I’m afraid) will slow his development a little because it holds him still while he sleeps. Soon he will be out-growing it and then we will just have to raise one side of his mattress.

With all of that said it is pretty easy to look back over the last year and see what we are thankful for this season. Six months ago Mommy was still laying in a hospital bed on bed rest and not knowing what the outcome would be for a baby who had to start life so early and finish his growing without the normal protection of water. Wow We have been blessed this year. We have been shown a lot of mercy and love from God, family and even many people we have never met. We have two precious little boys who are both remarkably healthy and happy. We get it all but we deserve none of it. How could we be anything but thankful.

Have A Happy Thanksgiving (pictures will come soon)

A first trip

Monday, October 29th, 2007

    It has been a long time since I have posted anything so here is a quick update.  We get IC’s next RSV shot on Friday so we will also find out how much he weighs at that time.  I anticipate that he has slowed a little in growth because he is no longer on the high calorie formula.  However, daddy and I have our suspicions that it will be somewhere in the 9 lb range.
    IC is officially 4 months old. (though he should only be 6 weeks)  Wow I can hardly believe it has been that long since all of this began.  2007 is a year this family will not soon forget.  February to August were the scariest months of my life thus far.  Since then God has blessed our socks off.  We are all home and still well. 

    We made our first trip out of state last weekend since December 2006.  Boy was it interesting to travel with 2 boys and a dog in the car.   we ended up stopping half way to eat and feed IC (Very slow process) and ended up with a dead  battery.  Fortunately, this happened just a hop, skip and a jump from an auto place so it wasn’t too long and daddy had us up and on the road again.  The purpose of our visit was to visit Mommy’s family in Ohio.  IC got to meet his great-grandparents for the first time.  He was very excited and was even awake enough to share some smiles with them.  He also went to visit one of the lovely churches who have been praying us through this experience. (Thanks Guys!).  We had a great visit and some much needed rest.  Plus, Popaw and Momaw got some more smiles!

     IC is beginning to get a little better at holding his head up though he still only does it for a few minutes.  He wants to tilt his head to one side a little.  We are hoping that this will correct itself or we may be looking at a little physical therapy.  He is sleeping for longer stretches at night which is nice but we are still not on a consistent routine. 

    Big brother OD got his flu shot a couple of weeks ago.  That was not fun but he was very brave.
Big brother is beginning the process of enrolling in preschool.  I can hardly believe it.  Though he wont actually start until fall of 08 he has an open house tomorrow.  The class we would like to have him in fills up quickly because it is only two days a week and it is a half-day program.  He is ready for a more structured environment and since he is such a people person anyway he will do great with the small group his age.  It is hard to believe that he is almost 3. 

I will post IC’s new weight on Friday.