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March Maddness!!!

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Well things have been quite busy around these parts. EP weighed a little over 13lb at his last appointment and was just over 24in long. He is growing well but does not look as plump as he had some weeks ago. He is still not rolling over! On his back he will arch his back and neck and roll on to his side in order to see what is going on behind him but he has no desire to roll over. However, he loves to sit up. In the exersaucer he gets very excited and kicks his legs so this may be his preferred method of play for a while.
EP began rice cereal last week and is not all that impressed with it. He has recently begun sticking his tongue out when I bring the spoon to his mouth. He has always seemed eager to eat though he may only eat a meager portion.

The other two boys are doing great though not sleeping so well lately. They both seem to resist sleep in the evenings. The fact that they share a room has only complicated the problem as they continue to call to each other and keep the other awake. Mommy and Daddy have resorted to taking away nightlights and even spankings in efforts to keep them in their beds. EP is the only one who is eager to go to bed.
But that too will change in time.

This weekend Mommy and Daddy got to sneak away and see a movie together to celebrate Birthdays! This is the first time we have seen a movie at the theatre together in more than a year!!! Mommy felt guilty the whole time but we were long overdue for some grown up time. We will update again in April when EP is 6months. Can’t believe we are already at a half a year.

Bad Week!

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Well last week was not a fun week for our household. It was supposed to be a short week of school due to Fall break. On Tuesday OD came home from school the same as always. His appetite was not great at dinner (totally normal with our boys who are both poor eaters most of the time) so we coaxed him to finish at least part of his dinner. As bedtime got closer he began to complain of a tummy ache. Again this is not abnormal as he learns and pushes the boundaries of how to get out of doing things. Once he was finally in bed it wasnt thirty minutes before he came running into our room announcing that he had thrown up. Great. Poor daddy got stuck cleaning up the bulk of it since Mommy is still on bed rest. OD proceeded to feel terrible and throw up for about 6 hours. He couldn’t even hold down water! The next day he lay around pretty much all day and ate only a little.

Fast forward to Thursday and the fun begins. To make a long story short Mommy had to call Daddy home from work to watch the boys because she was sick and within the next 5 hours both IC and Daddy were sick as well. Our entire family was fighting for the sink or toilet. I was very happy at this point that we had two bathrooms! Not fun. By Friday Things had settled a little and Mommy’s body was not acting right so we went in to see the doctor. Turned out that mommy was very dehydrated and was beginning to go into labor.

The doctors got Mommy rehydrated and labor stopped but they kept Mommy over night for observation. Poor Daddy took the boys home and they all lay or slept around the house until Mommy called the next morning. It has been a slow recovery process as our systems are still learning to tolerate most foods again. IC in the mean time is still struggling with gross bowel movements so hopefully he will go to the doctor tomorrow to rule out any underlying issues.

We do know that this is not the Flu as Mommy was tested at the doctors office and it came back negative. Baby #3 is still on board and we a just a few short days from 36 weeks. It wont be long now. The Medicine to stop labor will be taken away this week and we shall see what becomes of us.

After all of this came the worst news of the week. That dreaded phone call in the night that Mommy’s dear grandfather had passed away. Not only is Mommy still on bed rest but t he doctor is definitely not supporting any idea of a 4 hour drive with delivery this close at hand. This means that we will not even be able to go to the funeral! This is one lousy week.

Baby Steps

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Well IC officially started taking multiple steps this week. It is so adorable to watch him go. He has very strong leg muscles and is able to get to a standing position all on his own in the middle of the room or yard. His maximum distance so far is about 5 feet but I believe he will add to that this week. He wants to keep up with his older brother and his legs just need a little more practice before he is ready to make the upright mode his main mode of transportation.

On another note, OD is officially in school (2 days a week). He is loving every minute of it. He is so excited about it that he even ran in and forgot to tell daddy goodbye this week. He hung up his back pack and just darted into the room. We are pleased that he enjoys it so much but it would be nice to feel that he misses us a little bit.

IC will go back to the doctor in a couple of weeks for his 15/12month check up. His original due date was September 13th so this week may have been his birthday if everything had been normal. He functions just about where he would have if he were born on time. He is lagging behind just a little on his vocal skills and in his eating. But we are working hard to bring him up to par. The good news is that he is not far enough behind to qualify for any additional services. However, his is still just a small little fellow but he is as happy as he can be.

He is also still toothless! It is funny but I feel that that may be causing him to fall behind in his eating because it does limit what he can chew and how hard he can chew. hopefully we will see a tooth or two in the next month or two and maybe that will make things a little easier.

11/8 Months old

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

IC is really growing and becoming his own person. At his last check up he weighed 15 1/2 lbs with all of his clothes left on. He is still a toothless wonder and has a personality very similar to his brother. He is very friendly and has no fear of strangers (only babies his own age). IC is now crawling like a master, getting from crawling to a sitting position on his own and pulling up on everything in site. He can cruise a little bit but he hasn’t quite discovered just how liberating that is yet.

I tried my hand at homemade baby food for IC. He loves sweet potatoes but when I made them he gagged on every bite until he eventually threw up . I’ll have to say that that was a little discouraging but we will try again in a few days.

Daddy shared his ice cream with IC last night. It was his first taste and I think that he liked it he made a funny face because of the cold but he didn’t gag or refuse any of the following bites offered. I’m sure that will do wonders for his willingness to eat veggies. Ha!

Yesterday was a big milestone for me and IC. On May 27th 2007, memorial day last year, my water officially broke and I was taken to the hospital where I was to remain until IC’s birth. What a roller coaster ride that month turned out to be. He was 24 weeks along at this point last year and they estimated that he only weighed 1lb 12 oz. I has planned on a long hot summer of being miserably pregnant but it turned out to be a long hot summer of driving to Lexington every day to visit my sweet “little” man.

I am so glad that those days are only a memory now, especially with gas prices hitting 4$ a gallon. Ouch!

Newest weight

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

IC’s RSV shot went well last week. He weighs 12 lb 13oz so he is still on the small side but growing steadily. Only two more of these nasty shots to go before RSV season is over. Yeah!

IC Loves his oatmeal. Well he at least loves the spoon. He can hardly wait until I put the spoon near his face so he can grab it and put it in his mouth. It is very funny to watch.

More Updates

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

We went to visit the Physical Therapist last week.  IC is officially 4 1/2 months old (last week) and so he was thoroughly evaluated.  He has a few weak muscles but for the most part he is right where he needs to be.  She saw no reason for concern and gave us a few exercises to do to bring the trouble areas up to speed.  That said, the PT saw no reason that he needed any further evaluation and sent us happily on our way.  IC is very rolly polly now but he still does not enjoy his tummy time. When put on a blanket in the living room floor he quickly rolls from one side to the other and beyond.  Needless to say he is very excited about his newfound freedom and squeals when he reaches a new object…ie the couch, chair, dog.  Our poor dog doesn’t even know what is about to hit her.  Two children chasing her at once is going to be interesting. 

    The first real sickness of the year has hit our house.  Mommy and OD have picked up some sort of cold.  It is the typical runny/stuffy nose, cough and sore throat.  No fever so there is little concern that it might be RSV.  So because of this Mommy has been on hyper mode for disinfecting and sanitizing everything possible. 

    This week is also the beginning of spoon fed cereal for IC!  It is a very exciting milestone.  He is sitting up a little better but still needs some support and he has been very curious about what we are eating so he seems to be ready.  We will start with oatmeal instead of Rice cereal because he already gets rice cereal in most of his bottles. Nothing else new to report but we will get an accurate weight check on Friday and I will post the results then.

What’s New

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

    Well today was the big day.  I ended up doing double duty at the pediatricians office.  Yesterday OD woke up with a runny nose and sneezed all day long so he went along with us to IC’s doctor appointment.  Turns out that OD has a normal cold and the beginnings of an ear infection.  So that means he needs to keep his distance from his brother for 4 days until the cold passes.  That will not be fun.

Here are the latest numbers for IC.  He now weighs 7lb 13oz!  He is 19 1/2 inches long and his head has increased in size from 30 to 36 which equals about a 2inch increase in his head circumference since his first appointment back in August.  The doctor also said that he is developmentally just where he should be right now.

    We are very excited about all of this because this means that he no longer needs special formula and he no longer needs and iron supplement.  One down side is that his reflux has returned and he may end up taking some medicine for this if he doesn’t out grow it soon.  Today he got all of his vaccinations that a normal 2 month  old baby would receive (ouch).  He had 4 separate shots and a heel stick to check his hemoglobin.  As if that wasn’t enough torture tomorrow he begins a series of Synagis shots to help prevent RSV.  He will receive one a month until RSV season is over (6 months).  This particular injection will take 45 minutes and each one after this will take 15 minutes.  Tomorrow afternoon mommy will sigh a big sigh of relief.  Next we will be tackling flu shots for the rest of the family but this will be a whole lot easier than all of IC’s shots.  I will see if I can convince daddy to put a few new pictures of our chunky monkey up for all to see.  He looks pretty much the same only bigger.

Weighing In

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

On Monday we made our monthly visit to see the scale in the pediatricians office.  With no clothes and no diaper on IC weighed 6lb 10oz.!  It had been 2  hours since he had eaten so his belly was not full.  The nurse called him a little piglet and I’ll have to say that is a compliment for him.  September 13 was IC’s offical due date so we are now officially 40 weeks and begin to count his progress as if he were born on schedule.  He will be 3 months old this coming weekend and only slightly resembles a 3 month old.  He is beginning to work on holding his head up but that is really the only developmental skill that will be ahead of schedule for now.  He still sleeps about as much as 1-2 month old baby and is of course eating every 3 hours round the clock still. 
    IC has nearly caught up to where he should be as far as weight is concerned.  His big brother weighed 7lb 14oz at  40 weeks so IC is just a little more than a pound smaller than his big brother was.  Since each child is different, all we can do is wait to see when he begins to slow down and compare his progress to his big brother who was not premature.  Though I have to say it will be difficult to compare him to his brother because OD is quite small for his age.  He weighs 26lbs and is closing in on 3 years of age.  We will just have to wait and see.  Speaking of OD, he is doing well with his toilet training.  Every time we think we are ready to ditch the pull-ups we have another minor set back but as with all things this will take a little time. So OD is moving out of diapers (yeah!) and IC is moving up from Preemie to newborn/size 1 diapers.  Once again all we can say is that we are blessed far beyond what we deserve.  Thanks for your prayers.

Coming Soon!

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

We’re getting closer to bringing him home, we know it.  The nurses act so sly hinting here and there, but never really saying what they know is true:  IC is coming home VERY soon.  He’s out of his Isolate (incubator) and into a crib.  They put the NG (feeding) tube back in because they felt it was better to get him into a crib than to remove the feeding tube and I guess they couldn’t do both.  He’s been taking his bottles pretty good, but he gets very tired afterward.  He ate his whole bottle for me today in 10 minutes!  That’s pretty good.  The nurses were excited about it, too.  There’s not much left for him to accomplish other than becoming a better eater.  He’s 3lbs. 15oz. today and still growing.  They thought he’d lose weight moving into a bed because they use fat to keep warm, but he still gained.  That’s very good news!

I spoke with a nurse yesterday about him coming home and how careful we should be.  She said we shouldn’t take him out of the house for at least 6 weeks.  She said even a small cold could put him back in the hospital.  Mommy’s already scared to death of him getting sick so I’m sure she’ll be pretty strict about who can see him.  It’s been a long journey and she sees light at the end of the tunnel.  It won’t be long and he’ll be running and playing with his older brother.

Another Step Closer

Friday, August 10th, 2007

    A few more changes for IC this week.  He was able to come off of the pulsox (sp) monitor.  This is the blue fuzzy monitor that was always wrapped around a foot or an arm in the pictures.  It measured his blood oxygen levels but they have been stable long enough that the doctors decided he didn’t need it any more.  So I guess my statement in the last post was incorrect.  He now is on two monitors and should remain on those until discharge.

    He received all of his meals by bottle last night and as of this morning he is NG (Feeding) tube free.  He tried to pull it out several times yesterday when I was holding him.  He has never been without it but he knows it isn’t supposed to be there.  So now all of his meals are fed by mouth! That means for the first time we can see his face free of tape and tubes!  I will take pictures later and then have Daddy post them for you to see. Only one more milestone to go and then they will begin the countdown to his discharge. 

    He had one heart rate drop in the last 24 hours which is still normal for his age (35 weeks) but the doctor said that many babies outgrow this by the time they are full term (37+ weeks).  As far as putting him in an open crib the nurses tried that last night as well but he isn’t ready.  He got cold so he went back into the isolette.  That is the main goal over the next few days.  He weighs 3lb. 13.8oz today.  I was really hoping that he would reach the four pound mark before they started this.  Moving him to an open crib will slow down his growth as he has to use his calories to stay warm.