Fun To Be One

EP is officially a toddler now, whether he actually toddles or not.  He received his vaccinations today and is not a happy camper.  He has gained 1.25 lbs since his last appointment.  He now weighs exactly 18 lbs. and is 29 in. tall.  He seems to be in all around good health. 

His first birthday was sweet and fun for our family.  Mommy made a carrot cake with cream cheese icing and EP Loved it.  He pinched the icing and fed it to himself until he got down to the cake then he pinched the cake until he had eaten about1/3 of his little baby sized cake.  He received an adorable barn with animals to play with and every baby’s favorite “new clothes”.  He has such a funny personality and dearly loves to play with his big brothers. Happy birthday to my baby!

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