At Last!

EP finally, broke a tooth through this week.  It looks like our days of gummy smiles are almost over!  I know he will look entirely different with teeth.  He will also be celebrating a birthday soon and we are very excited about that.  It is a little sad to think that our littlest member will no longer qualify as baby.  He is not yet walking though he is thinking about taking his first steps.  It would be very exciting to see that happen before his birthday.

IC is loving preschool and must be a different child at school than he is at home.  Daddy and I were worried that he would be to shy in school however, the opposite seems to be true.  I believe that part of this is from his older brother’s influence.

OD is reading.  I was very excited the other day when he picked up a book and began to read it to EP.  He still loves Kindergarten and tells us daily of his adventures, which mostly center around the playground.  Our first real “parent teacher conference” is next week.  I am interested to see what his teacher has to say.

IMG_2835More updates to come next week after the big 1 year check up!

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