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Major Adjustments

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

I can’t believe that things have changes so fast. OD is off to Kindergarden this very morning! He was so excited and ready to go. I’m sad that he is so big but so far there are no tears. (as long as Mommy doesn’t go back and look at baby pictures we will be fine.)

IC is equally excited though not as ready. He has finally conquered toilet training this summer and will be heading off to preschool in a week. He is only going to be gone for two half-days each week but it is still a big step considering the fact that just 3 short years ago he was only 4 lbs and had only been home from the hospital 2 days. He still has a few small milestones to achieve in his speech and fine motor skills. He did not qualify for assistance in any areas but I do see a mild delay in these areas. He is awkward with his hands and can be difficult to understand but we a paying extra attention these areas and hopefully he will catch up soon.

EP, however, is extremely different from the first two. He has auburn hair and a big apetite to go with it. This is quite different from his brothers who were very slow, poor eaters.
On the other hand, EP is very lazy. He is crawling and cruising all over the place but still has poor balance and is not interested in walking on his own. He is 10 months today and only weighs about 17lbs. Despite this fact, he still looks as if he will be the largest of the three boys as he is tall and chubby.

How time flies. My boys are all growing up too fast.