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March Maddness!!!

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Well things have been quite busy around these parts. EP weighed a little over 13lb at his last appointment and was just over 24in long. He is growing well but does not look as plump as he had some weeks ago. He is still not rolling over! On his back he will arch his back and neck and roll on to his side in order to see what is going on behind him but he has no desire to roll over. However, he loves to sit up. In the exersaucer he gets very excited and kicks his legs so this may be his preferred method of play for a while.
EP began rice cereal last week and is not all that impressed with it. He has recently begun sticking his tongue out when I bring the spoon to his mouth. He has always seemed eager to eat though he may only eat a meager portion.

The other two boys are doing great though not sleeping so well lately. They both seem to resist sleep in the evenings. The fact that they share a room has only complicated the problem as they continue to call to each other and keep the other awake. Mommy and Daddy have resorted to taking away nightlights and even spankings in efforts to keep them in their beds. EP is the only one who is eager to go to bed.
But that too will change in time.

This weekend Mommy and Daddy got to sneak away and see a movie together to celebrate Birthdays! This is the first time we have seen a movie at the theatre together in more than a year!!! Mommy felt guilty the whole time but we were long overdue for some grown up time. We will update again in April when EP is 6months. Can’t believe we are already at a half a year.