Term Baby

Baby #3 is officially a term baby now and has still chosen to behave and stay where he belongs for a few more days. However, it will not be long. Today is day 4 without any medication to calm the contractions and wow is Mommy ever feeling them.

OD and IC are officially roommates now. This seems to have improved their friendship a little as they play together much more and lay awake and giggle at night. IC loves the idea of a toddler bed of his own but every now and then he will crawl back into the crib and play. We have left the side off for the time being but will readjust everything before baby needs it.

The most exciting part of this week has been that Mommy is no longer on bed rest. But it will take a while to rebuild enough muscle for Mommy to actually be a productive person during the day. She still requires frequent rests but is mostly able to keep up with IC during the day. Needless to say the house is slowly coming back into some sort of order. This will all change again once # 3 decides to make himself known. But laundry and toys no longer seem to take over the house on a daily basis.

As before, a post will be made as soon as anything interesting happens.

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