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Welcome #3

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

If finally happened. On Saturday October 17 EP was born. The day was very much like the rest but the contractions continued. Mommy paid them little mind until after putting the boys to bed. Around 9:30 Daddy agreed that they were regular but they were not intense enough for Mommy to believe that it was time to go.

After doing everything possible to see if they would stop Mommy agreed that it was time to make the call. We left the house around 12 midnight and the contractions seemed to have stopped. This all changed as soon as we hit the . All of the sudden the contractions were intense and more frequent than before. After a few minutes of this Mommy relayed her fears that the hospital was too far and we would not make it. The trip normaly takes about 45 minutes. However, there is a hospital on the way to our hospital so this was our goal.

The contractions kept getting worse and Daddy was driving 90 miles an hour trying to make it there on time. After what felt like hours of agony and many slow drivers in or way, we pulled up to the ER but Mommy was unable to get out of the van. When she did get out she was unable to walk and sank to the ground at which point her water broke! A nurse finally arrived with a wheel chair and we went racing through the hospital. Baby began crowning in the elevator but all the nurses could say was don’t push! By the time we were wheeled into the nearest empty room and mommy was lifted onto the bed baby was already out!!! So needless to say it was a crazy night. EP was born at 12:26am! It was the quickest drive of our lives.

EP was perfectly healthy and breathing well on his own. He had a normal stay in the hospital with Mommy and came home with us Monday. He currently has a little jaundice but other than that is doing great. He was born at 6lb 0oz and left the hospital at 5lb 7oz. What a miracle and long journey it has been getting him here safely. God has truly once again blessed our family.

Term Baby

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Baby #3 is officially a term baby now and has still chosen to behave and stay where he belongs for a few more days. However, it will not be long. Today is day 4 without any medication to calm the contractions and wow is Mommy ever feeling them.

OD and IC are officially roommates now. This seems to have improved their friendship a little as they play together much more and lay awake and giggle at night. IC loves the idea of a toddler bed of his own but every now and then he will crawl back into the crib and play. We have left the side off for the time being but will readjust everything before baby needs it.

The most exciting part of this week has been that Mommy is no longer on bed rest. But it will take a while to rebuild enough muscle for Mommy to actually be a productive person during the day. She still requires frequent rests but is mostly able to keep up with IC during the day. Needless to say the house is slowly coming back into some sort of order. This will all change again once # 3 decides to make himself known. But laundry and toys no longer seem to take over the house on a daily basis.

As before, a post will be made as soon as anything interesting happens.

Bad Week!

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Well last week was not a fun week for our household. It was supposed to be a short week of school due to Fall break. On Tuesday OD came home from school the same as always. His appetite was not great at dinner (totally normal with our boys who are both poor eaters most of the time) so we coaxed him to finish at least part of his dinner. As bedtime got closer he began to complain of a tummy ache. Again this is not abnormal as he learns and pushes the boundaries of how to get out of doing things. Once he was finally in bed it wasnt thirty minutes before he came running into our room announcing that he had thrown up. Great. Poor daddy got stuck cleaning up the bulk of it since Mommy is still on bed rest. OD proceeded to feel terrible and throw up for about 6 hours. He couldn’t even hold down water! The next day he lay around pretty much all day and ate only a little.

Fast forward to Thursday and the fun begins. To make a long story short Mommy had to call Daddy home from work to watch the boys because she was sick and within the next 5 hours both IC and Daddy were sick as well. Our entire family was fighting for the sink or toilet. I was very happy at this point that we had two bathrooms! Not fun. By Friday Things had settled a little and Mommy’s body was not acting right so we went in to see the doctor. Turned out that mommy was very dehydrated and was beginning to go into labor.

The doctors got Mommy rehydrated and labor stopped but they kept Mommy over night for observation. Poor Daddy took the boys home and they all lay or slept around the house until Mommy called the next morning. It has been a slow recovery process as our systems are still learning to tolerate most foods again. IC in the mean time is still struggling with gross bowel movements so hopefully he will go to the doctor tomorrow to rule out any underlying issues.

We do know that this is not the Flu as Mommy was tested at the doctors office and it came back negative. Baby #3 is still on board and we a just a few short days from 36 weeks. It wont be long now. The Medicine to stop labor will be taken away this week and we shall see what becomes of us.

After all of this came the worst news of the week. That dreaded phone call in the night that Mommy’s dear grandfather had passed away. Not only is Mommy still on bed rest but t he doctor is definitely not supporting any idea of a 4 hour drive with delivery this close at hand. This means that we will not even be able to go to the funeral! This is one lousy week.