Growing Pains

IC had a visit to the gastro doctor last week. His pediatrician sent him just for an evaluation. He is still very small and she wants to make sure that he is digesting his food properly. The Gastro doctor didn’t even think that bloodwork needed to be done. He took one look at IC’s growth chart and said that he was growing normally and was just small. It will be very interesting to hear what his pediatricians thoughts are when we go back. His next visit will be a weight check when we take the new baby for the first visit. That should be in early november if all goes well.

Baby number 3 is still growing. It is starting to get very exciting both because we are just weeks away from the end of this lengthy bed rest and so near to finally meeting and holding this new little guy. Mommy has been on bed rest for almost 20 weeks so far. Baby is nearly 35 weeks old so we are just a little over 2 weeks from full term. However, the doctor is wanting to discontinue the use of the medicine to prevent preterm labor at 36 weeks, which is very soon. After that things will just happen naturally, but we don’t think that it will take long after the medicine is stopped.

OD is enjoying preschool most days, however, it didn’t take long for the excitement of going to school every day to get old. He no longer wakes us up in the morning and is increasingly difficult to get to bed. The unsettled state of our family at this time is no doubt difficult for him to process and adjust to. This will all be remedied very soon. We will continue to update as things progress.

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