No More Baby Bed

It finally happened. IC has still been sleeping peacefully in his crib up until this week. He learned how to escape and now the entire dynamic of bedtime has changed. Daddy took the side off of his crib making it into a day bed and now IC is enjoying his independence.

He has occasionally napped in OD’s big boy bed this summer in an effort to prepare him for the eviction from the crib when the new baby comes. This still didn’t prepare him enough for this event. The first night he rolled out of bed several times. We bought him his own pillow and that seems to have helped him to stay centered. For two nights in a row he has slept without any falling out. The next hard step will be getting him to share a room with OD when Baby comes. Let the sleepless nights begin (for everyone).

OD is off for his 3rd day at Preschool this year. He has been having so much fun and is making new friends quickly. The hard part of this has been getting everyone up fed, dressed and out the door on time. It is a lot for poor Daddy to shoulder right now as Mommy can only help with getting OD up and dressed. Hopefully in the near future things will go more smoothly. Baby is now 30 weeks so in about two months, if all goes well, things will really get crazy here.

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