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No More Baby Bed

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

It finally happened. IC has still been sleeping peacefully in his crib up until this week. He learned how to escape and now the entire dynamic of bedtime has changed. Daddy took the side off of his crib making it into a day bed and now IC is enjoying his independence.

He has occasionally napped in OD’s big boy bed this summer in an effort to prepare him for the eviction from the crib when the new baby comes. This still didn’t prepare him enough for this event. The first night he rolled out of bed several times. We bought him his own pillow and that seems to have helped him to stay centered. For two nights in a row he has slept without any falling out. The next hard step will be getting him to share a room with OD when Baby comes. Let the sleepless nights begin (for everyone).

OD is off for his 3rd day at Preschool this year. He has been having so much fun and is making new friends quickly. The hard part of this has been getting everyone up fed, dressed and out the door on time. It is a lot for poor Daddy to shoulder right now as Mommy can only help with getting OD up and dressed. Hopefully in the near future things will go more smoothly. Baby is now 30 weeks so in about two months, if all goes well, things will really get crazy here.

All Eyes On You

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Today was a rather eventful day. IC had his two year check-up for his eyes today. He passed with flying colors. The Doctor doesn’t need to see him again until he turns 4. We have been so blessed with IC. His health has been just remarkable considering what he started from. He could have needed any number of surgeries, transfusions and there are numerous other health problems that could have very likely been stumbling blocks on his road to growing up. However, God has seen fit to bless him with smooth sailing along the way thus far. And we are greatful!

IC weighed in at 20 lb 4oz back in June. It is amazing how much he struggled to reach that mark. Now he can offically ride forward facing in the van. He continues to eat well and his vocabulary is increasing daily. He is now speaking in several three and four word sentences but he is a long way from holding much of a conversation. IC would much rather do his special dance than talk. (He dances when he gets excited or hears music). It is very funny!

OD is very anxiously awaiting the beginning of the next school year. This will be his seconod year in preschool, however, he will be attending all day this year. The timing is wonderful on this as Mommy is still cruising along on bed rest and there is only so much a Mommy can do to entertain a 4 year old, energetic boy. IC however, did not get so lucky. He is still stuck with Mommy everyday until the time for the new baby arrives.

Mommy is indeed still laying in bed, trying to buy as much time as possible for this next little one. Baby is now 28 weeks along which is the same week IC was born. The good news is that Everything appears to be holding strong at this point. Still, some days Mommy’s body still struggles with too many contractions. Making it to the third trimester was a huge milestone and the possibility of continuing farther is wonderful news for all of us.

Baby # 3 appears to be another boy! OD was praying for a sister but it was not to be. Baby also already weighs more than 2 lbs which is normal and very relieving. He is growing right on schedule with no sign of IUGR which was why his big brother was so small when he was born two years ago.

We will continue to post new updates periodically as things progress or whenever we get bored.;}