A Sum of Events

Here is a summary of the last few weeks. We survived Christmas and OD’s Birthday and then returned to a happy, calm, pre-holiday normal. The boy’s both had a doctor check-up shortly after. IC has grown, he weighs 18lb 10oz. He hasn’t grown quite as much in height this time. I believe he is only a little over 30 inches but when he stands next to OD he is already up to Big brother’s shoulder. OD is 32lb and 38+ inches tall. During the visit both boys were very friendly to the doctor and IC was especially cooperative. She seems to think that IC is progressing nicely. He is mostly on schedule and by the time he has his next real visit (in June) he will be as caught up as if he were born right on schedule. (These are my words and not the doctors but it appears to be true). He will always have minor complications in his lungs because of his prematurity but this only usually arises when he gets a cold. His reflux seems to have subsided (yeah); leaving fewer messes to clean up. It only took 16 months.

OD on the other hand was doing well in all areas expected except that the doctor noticed a slight murmur in his heart. We did have it checked out about a week later and found that it is perfectly normal. Apparently, some children just develop these as they grow and in time it will vanish as if it were never there. That same day IC came down with a fever that continued over the weekend accompanied by a nasty cough. On Sunday he was completely miserable had eaten very little and began to throw up when he did eat. He seemed to only throw up because his coughing was so bad that it caused him to gag. On Monday he was taken to the doctor and found to have Pneumonia! His lungs progressed very quickly to that state because it was a virus. However, today he is almost completely better. He only coughs a handful of times a day and his appetite is almost completely returned. I do anticipate that he has lost a little weight but we will do our best to convince him to gain it back.

We are quite relieved that it was only a virus. IC was “Too Healthy” to qualify for the RSV vaccination this season so every time he gets sick we hold our breath. However, we are half way through RSV season right now. We will celebrate if we can make it to April healthy. We are very eager for some warmer weather so the boys can go outside and play.

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