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15 Months Old

Friday, September 26th, 2008

IC went for his 15 month check-up this week. He weighs 17lb and 2oz. Once again this is not a lot of growth but the Doc was not terribly concerned both because he is now very mobile on his feet (he walks constantly) and because he grew more than two inches in height! I could tell by the way his clothes are fitting that he is getting taller but I never guessed that it was that much. The problem is that he is so skinny that pants long enough to fit the length will not stay up around his waist. I guess we are going to have to rely on overalls and one piece outfits all winter.

We are still waiting to hear if he gets approved for Synagis (the RSV shot) again this year. It does not sound promising this year because most children don’t get approved after their first birthday. He has been very healthy with only a stuffy nose from time to time this summer, however, time will tell if the wheezing returns this fall if he gets a serious cold. Now that OD is in school we will be exposed to some new germs.

Speaking of OD, he has adjusted well to school and LOVES it. He wakes up those mornings ready to go and greets me with a smile when I pick him up. It is hard to believe how big he is already.

Baby Steps

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Well IC officially started taking multiple steps this week. It is so adorable to watch him go. He has very strong leg muscles and is able to get to a standing position all on his own in the middle of the room or yard. His maximum distance so far is about 5 feet but I believe he will add to that this week. He wants to keep up with his older brother and his legs just need a little more practice before he is ready to make the upright mode his main mode of transportation.

On another note, OD is officially in school (2 days a week). He is loving every minute of it. He is so excited about it that he even ran in and forgot to tell daddy goodbye this week. He hung up his back pack and just darted into the room. We are pleased that he enjoys it so much but it would be nice to feel that he misses us a little bit.

IC will go back to the doctor in a couple of weeks for his 15/12month check up. His original due date was September 13th so this week may have been his birthday if everything had been normal. He functions just about where he would have if he were born on time. He is lagging behind just a little on his vocal skills and in his eating. But we are working hard to bring him up to par. The good news is that he is not far enough behind to qualify for any additional services. However, his is still just a small little fellow but he is as happy as he can be.

He is also still toothless! It is funny but I feel that that may be causing him to fall behind in his eating because it does limit what he can chew and how hard he can chew. hopefully we will see a tooth or two in the next month or two and maybe that will make things a little easier.