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Newest Weight

Friday, August 1st, 2008

IC went back yesterday for a weight check. On his 12 month appointment he weighed 15.9 lbs so the doctor asked us to check back in a month to make sure that he was growing properly and intervention was not needed. Since that time we have been feeding him constantly and trying to get him to eat as much as possible. I am happy to announce that as of yesterday IC weighs 16.5 lbs. In a month he gained nearly a pound. That was very reassuring. He is beginning to be less interested in his bottle and is only eating around 16 oz a day compared to the 20+ oz he was eating a month ago. I guess he is just getting those calories from food instead because he did grow.
As far as food is concerned that is an entirely different story. He loves bread and the classic baby food flavors like sweet potatoes, squash greenbeans and carrots. But he is having some aversion to textures. He refuses most food with lumps in it but does rather well with food that is not pureed. He even at hamburger a few weeks ago. That was especially surprising to me because he still has no teeth. We keep waiting but he doesn’t even really have any teeth in sight.
He has developed a summertime cold and is extra snotty right now but it only seems to bother him when he sleeps. He gets very frustrated with the fact that he can’t breath through his nose and complains about it very loudly.
OD begins preschool in just a few weeks and he can’t wait. I will post how things go later this month.