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11/8 Months old

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

IC is really growing and becoming his own person. At his last check up he weighed 15 1/2 lbs with all of his clothes left on. He is still a toothless wonder and has a personality very similar to his brother. He is very friendly and has no fear of strangers (only babies his own age). IC is now crawling like a master, getting from crawling to a sitting position on his own and pulling up on everything in site. He can cruise a little bit but he hasn’t quite discovered just how liberating that is yet.

I tried my hand at homemade baby food for IC. He loves sweet potatoes but when I made them he gagged on every bite until he eventually threw up . I’ll have to say that that was a little discouraging but we will try again in a few days.

Daddy shared his ice cream with IC last night. It was his first taste and I think that he liked it he made a funny face because of the cold but he didn’t gag or refuse any of the following bites offered. I’m sure that will do wonders for his willingness to eat veggies. Ha!

Yesterday was a big milestone for me and IC. On May 27th 2007, memorial day last year, my water officially broke and I was taken to the hospital where I was to remain until IC’s birth. What a roller coaster ride that month turned out to be. He was 24 weeks along at this point last year and they estimated that he only weighed 1lb 12 oz. I has planned on a long hot summer of being miserably pregnant but it turned out to be a long hot summer of driving to Lexington every day to visit my sweet “little” man.

I am so glad that those days are only a memory now, especially with gas prices hitting 4$ a gallon. Ouch!

RSV Season is Over

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Well RSV season is officially over here in Kentucky. We made it and no one caught the awful sickness. However the month of April was interesting for our family. Everyone, in this household has at some point during the month of April been sick. It was mostly cough and nasal congestion for the boys. OD got it first (while at the doctors office) and of course, could not be kept away from his brother. OD actually came down with this illness while he was on antibiotics so the Pediatrician said that it could have been walking pneumonia. Whatever it was it was not fun. When IC started coughing we noticed that he also started wheezing. This was a little scary since he had to receive 3 nebulizer treatments a day until the doctor told us otherwise. But after about a week the wheezing stopped and now all is well again and we do not have to use the nebulizer any longer. The doctor told us that it is possible that he could develop asthma because of his prematurity but right now all now everything seems to be normal

In fact all is so well in this house that IC began to crawl yesterday! He has been dragging himself around like a little army man for several weeks now to get where ever he wants but that all changed yesterday. He is also babbling a lot more than he used to. He says Da, Ga, Ra, and some sort of Za sound. We are still working on Ma and Ba but hope to hear it soon.

OD had to have a minor surgery this month. He had an abscess inside his ear canal and it was giving him pain when it would swell up. He had to be put to sleep in order for the doctor to perform the procedure and this was interesting as parents were not allowed to be in the room until he came out of anesthesia. He did remarkably well and had the nurses cracking up by the time we were ready to leave.

Coming up this month IC will be having his eyes checked for the final time and we have to make one more trip to the pediatricians office to make sure that IC’s last ear infection has gone away. I hope that this is the last trip there until IC’s birthday in June. It has to be better than last month. We made 5 visits to the pediatricians office! That is a few too many.