Sitting Pretty

IC is beginning to set for longer periods without falling over. He can now reach toys that are at his side and pick them up without falling to the side. He went for his 9 month check up yesterday and did great through most of the exam. It turns out that He has an ear infection in both ears. He hasn’t fussed about it at all. He is doing really well for a 6 month old. The only area of concern is that he has expressed very few consonant sounds. The only sounds that I have heard (besides vowel) are G and F. If that does not improve in the next few weeks then we will have to seek some intervention. In the mean time we are trying everything that we know to do to encourage him to make sounds.

He weighs 13 lb 9oz and is 25 inches long. He has grown about 2 inches in length since his last appointment. He still rolls all over the place and when on his tummy he pushes all the way up with his arms and tries to pull his knees up as well! That is a big improvement from not wanting to do tummy time at all. I’d say he will be up on all fours within the month.

OD, at this age, decided it was easier to just pull himself wherever he wanted to go. He looked like a little man doing an army crawl until he learn to really crawl. That happened around 7 months of age.

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