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6 1/2 Months Worth of Amazement

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Well we finally got IC’s synagis shot and he is now officially caught up on that vaccination. I spoke with a nurse from the doctor’s office yesterday and she said that there has been a major rise in the number of RSV cases lately. We will be trying to lay as low as possible so as to avoid contact with anyone who may have it. IC’s weight as of Monday night is 12 lbs and 2 ozs! That was with a diaper and onesie on. The diaper weighs one once and the onesie a little less than that so he is really 12 pounds! We are very excited. He is becoming very active and has quite the personality. He loves for people to talk to him. He will smile and squeal every time. He gets especially excited when big brother and daddy talk to him. It seems like he can hardly contain himself when they approach him with a smile on their face. It is amazing when I look back and think about the first weeks after he was born he was just this tiny little red skinned and very delicate doll who lay nearly motionless under the plastic wrap. Now he rocks himself completely off of his play mat when he is on the floor and screams so loud that it will hurt your ears. Amazing! What a blessing.

January post

Friday, January 11th, 2008

Another new year has begun. IC and OD went for their 6month and 3yr check ups a few days before the close of the year. OD’s weight at the age of 3 is 28lbs. He is such a light weight. He is also 35 inches tall. Needless to say he is a little smaller than most other kids his age but that is ok. IC on the other hand weighs a grand total of 11 1/2 lbs. That means that in 6 months he has gained 9 1/2 lbs. He is in the 10th percentile for height and weight of a child who is 3 months old. That is just about right since he would only be 3months old if he were born on his due date in September. Developmentally, he is still right on track as well. He is extremely vocal when he is happy and loves to sit up (with a little assistance) and see what is going on. He rolls on to his side to look behind him and on occasion will roll himself all the way over but doesn’t have much of a desire to roll completely over. He is tolerating tummy time a little better now but still prefers to play on his back.

In early February we will go back to the hospital where he (IC) was born and get evaluated by the physical therapist who saw him in the NICU. She will be looking to see if he has reached all of the appropriate milestones and if he has not then we will have to set up some intervention to catch him up to speed. We will also swing by and visit the doctor who delivered him and maybe if I don’t hear any coughing we will swing by the nicu and wave at the nurses and doctors through the window. That will be exciting.

On the home front we will be getting another weight check for IC on Monday or Tuesday as we are just now getting to his RSV vaccination for January. Long story! Let’s just say the insurance company decided to make some changes and since all the paperwork takes so long we are just now getting to it.
Hope your new year is going well