What We are Thankful For…

We took IC and OD to the doctor yesterday for a brief check. OD had to get his booster shot for the flu vaccine and while we were there we just put IC on the scale to make sure that he was growing. It turns out that IC has finally made his way up to the double digits! We are so excited. He now weighs 10lb 4oz. Because his weight gain has been so good the doctor no longer feels that we need to make any special effort to monitor his weight gain so we will only weigh in at the normal doctor visits now. This is a relief for us because the less time we spend in the doctors office the less chance we have of catching any sickness.

IC is now holding his head up pretty well for short periods of time and loves to sit up and see the world. He sleeps really well at night but still wakes to eat at least one meal most nights. He usually chugs a four ounce bottle and is then ready to go back to bed. I have reason to believe that he is currently going through a growth spurt. He usually eats between 2 and 3 ounces of milk per feeding but lately he is really hungry and has been eating all 4 ounces at nearly every meal. He also has begun making an effort to roll over by arching his back. He has been successful a couple of times but he doesn’t have it mastered yet. I thought that he would never want to try to roll over since he hates tummy time. He loves to sleep on his tummy but doesn’t see any reason for laying that way during play time. He still sleeps on a wedge to help control the reflux. The wedge (I’m afraid) will slow his development a little because it holds him still while he sleeps. Soon he will be out-growing it and then we will just have to raise one side of his mattress.

With all of that said it is pretty easy to look back over the last year and see what we are thankful for this season. Six months ago Mommy was still laying in a hospital bed on bed rest and not knowing what the outcome would be for a baby who had to start life so early and finish his growing without the normal protection of water. Wow We have been blessed this year. We have been shown a lot of mercy and love from God, family and even many people we have never met. We have two precious little boys who are both remarkably healthy and happy. We get it all but we deserve none of it. How could we be anything but thankful.

Have A Happy Thanksgiving (pictures will come soon)

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