Happy November

Well, this is November and it is definitely fall outside. IC had his RSV shot today.  As always he cried.  He loves to talk to people now.  Well he doesn’t actually talk it is more like he coos and tries to immitate the sound of talking.  He does it when he is really happy and really upset.  he was laying on the mat while the nurse was writing down his vitals before the shot and he was just cooing as if he was so happy to see her.  That is until she brought out the needle.  He didn’t like getting stuck in the leg at all.  He didn’t get quite this upset last time but he is getting bigger and better at expressing himself. 

    He weighs 9lb 6oz as of this afternoon.  I was hoping for him to be a little bigger but every little bit is still growth.  That means that he has grown almost a pound and a half in one month.  When he was on the formula he would average about 2lbs a month.  I have to remind myself that he is also a little more active now than he was last month.  That burns calories too.

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