One more Picture

If you are interested in seeing yet another picture, IC’s hospital pic is available on the hospitals web site. All you have to do is go to and click on baby central. Click on the first letter of our last name and then once on that page click on our first names. Then it will show you his picture. It was taken the day before he was discharged from the hospital so even though it says he was 2lbs he was more like 4lb 2oz and 16in. long in that pic.

Oh, by the way, all is quiet here on the home front. We are all doing well though OD is the only one who has had a good nights sleep in the passed two weeks. We couldn’t be happier. I will pass along his new weight and growth when I get them. I do know that he is about 17 inches long now. He has also discovered that he has hands. He is beginning to bat at some of the toys around him during his play time.

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