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Weighing In

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

On Monday we made our monthly visit to see the scale in the pediatricians office.  With no clothes and no diaper on IC weighed 6lb 10oz.!  It had been 2  hours since he had eaten so his belly was not full.  The nurse called him a little piglet and I’ll have to say that is a compliment for him.  September 13 was IC’s offical due date so we are now officially 40 weeks and begin to count his progress as if he were born on schedule.  He will be 3 months old this coming weekend and only slightly resembles a 3 month old.  He is beginning to work on holding his head up but that is really the only developmental skill that will be ahead of schedule for now.  He still sleeps about as much as 1-2 month old baby and is of course eating every 3 hours round the clock still. 
    IC has nearly caught up to where he should be as far as weight is concerned.  His big brother weighed 7lb 14oz at  40 weeks so IC is just a little more than a pound smaller than his big brother was.  Since each child is different, all we can do is wait to see when he begins to slow down and compare his progress to his big brother who was not premature.  Though I have to say it will be difficult to compare him to his brother because OD is quite small for his age.  He weighs 26lbs and is closing in on 3 years of age.  We will just have to wait and see.  Speaking of OD, he is doing well with his toilet training.  Every time we think we are ready to ditch the pull-ups we have another minor set back but as with all things this will take a little time. So OD is moving out of diapers (yeah!) and IC is moving up from Preemie to newborn/size 1 diapers.  Once again all we can say is that we are blessed far beyond what we deserve.  Thanks for your prayers.

One more Picture

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

If you are interested in seeing yet another picture, IC’s hospital pic is available on the hospitals web site. All you have to do is go to and click on baby central. Click on the first letter of our last name and then once on that page click on our first names. Then it will show you his picture. It was taken the day before he was discharged from the hospital so even though it says he was 2lbs he was more like 4lb 2oz and 16in. long in that pic.

Oh, by the way, all is quiet here on the home front. We are all doing well though OD is the only one who has had a good nights sleep in the passed two weeks. We couldn’t be happier. I will pass along his new weight and growth when I get them. I do know that he is about 17 inches long now. He has also discovered that he has hands. He is beginning to bat at some of the toys around him during his play time.