Perfectly Wonderful

IC has been home for one week now.  We had a pediatricians appointment on Monday and and an eye specialist appointment today.  His doctor was quite pleased with him all around and let me know that for what he has been through he is doing remarkably well.  The eye doctor examined him and reported that his retinas are “perfect”.  Babies born so early usually struggle with ROP and slow forming vessels in their eyes but IC is totally developed and normal.  We will have one more follow up appointment in March just to make sure that everything continues to develop as it should.  He also has a follow up appointment in January with a physical therapist at the hospital where he was born but this is just to check out his  development and make sure he is on track. 

    As for our household, things are a little bit crazy right now. We all sleep less than we would like (except for IC) but we couldn’t be happier.  IC now weighs 4 1/2 lbs and grows a little more every day.  One of these days the clothes labeled preemie will fit him well but for now they are still quite baggy and a bit too big.  I know one day in the not so distant future I will look back and say wow was he ever that little. 

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