Busy Week

It’s been a busy week! I wish I had some stats to give ya’ . I don’t know his weight, I don’t know his height, I don’t know how regular his heartbeat has been. All I know is that he’s home, he’s healthy considering his circumstances, and he’s a ball of fire when things don’t go his way! For his size he has some set of lungs. He is on a set schedule so every 3 hours he eats and gets a diaper change. That’s been a real blessing. Mommy’s been very good at getting up and letting Daddy sleep so he can get up for work. That may change next week since Grandma and Grandpa will be heading back up to Michigan soon. We’ll see. Big Brother’s excited, but still isn’t sure how to be careful around Li’l Brother. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow for everyone. Again, thank you all for your prayers.

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