It’s finally here!!  We just got word today that Isaiah will be coming home either tomorrow or the day after.  We took his carseat in for an inspection by the NICU people, so the last thing that needs to be done is circumcision.  They had to make an appointment with our OB, but had difficulty reaching the doctor.  If he doesn’t have his procedure tomorrow we’ll probably need to wait until Thursday.

Mommy is excited, but nervous.  It will definitely be different not having to go to the hospital every day.  We’re not sure how we’ll handle having both boys.  OD is mixed when we tell him his little brother is coming home.  One minutes he is excited, a few minutes later he doesn’t want him to come home.  I think it will all smooth out once he’s here.  We will have to be very careful not to take him out of the house to public populated places because of the sickness he could get.  We’re so excited to take him to church, but we have to wait a few weeks ’til he gets his shots and builds up his immunities.  With students coming back to school this week I’m afraid Mommy will kick me out of the house if I cough or sneeze!

We’ll post either way on Wednesday night to let you know if he’s home or not.

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