Coming Soon!

We’re getting closer to bringing him home, we know it.  The nurses act so sly hinting here and there, but never really saying what they know is true:  IC is coming home VERY soon.  He’s out of his Isolate (incubator) and into a crib.  They put the NG (feeding) tube back in because they felt it was better to get him into a crib than to remove the feeding tube and I guess they couldn’t do both.  He’s been taking his bottles pretty good, but he gets very tired afterward.  He ate his whole bottle for me today in 10 minutes!  That’s pretty good.  The nurses were excited about it, too.  There’s not much left for him to accomplish other than becoming a better eater.  He’s 3lbs. 15oz. today and still growing.  They thought he’d lose weight moving into a bed because they use fat to keep warm, but he still gained.  That’s very good news!

I spoke with a nurse yesterday about him coming home and how careful we should be.  She said we shouldn’t take him out of the house for at least 6 weeks.  She said even a small cold could put him back in the hospital.  Mommy’s already scared to death of him getting sick so I’m sure she’ll be pretty strict about who can see him.  It’s been a long journey and she sees light at the end of the tunnel.  It won’t be long and he’ll be running and playing with his older brother.

2 Responses to “Coming Soon!”

  1. Vicki Smith says:

    Cindy (your mom) gave me this website at church 2 weeks ago and I wanted you to know I have enjoyed reading the updates. I especially appreciate your show of faith in God. Please know all of us at Columbia Chapel have your family in our prayers daily and are looking forward to meeting your little one as soon as he can come to Ohio. Take care and God Bless you all.