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Saturday, August 25th, 2007

I know everyone has wanted to see pictures so here they are! These are all in the last 3 weeks. From isolette to crib to home. We couldn’t have done any of it without your prayerful and loving support.

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Thank you all for your prayers.

Perfectly Wonderful

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

IC has been home for one week now.  We had a pediatricians appointment on Monday and and an eye specialist appointment today.  His doctor was quite pleased with him all around and let me know that for what he has been through he is doing remarkably well.  The eye doctor examined him and reported that his retinas are “perfect”.  Babies born so early usually struggle with ROP and slow forming vessels in their eyes but IC is totally developed and normal.  We will have one more follow up appointment in March just to make sure that everything continues to develop as it should.  He also has a follow up appointment in January with a physical therapist at the hospital where he was born but this is just to check out his  development and make sure he is on track. 

    As for our household, things are a little bit crazy right now. We all sleep less than we would like (except for IC) but we couldn’t be happier.  IC now weighs 4 1/2 lbs and grows a little more every day.  One of these days the clothes labeled preemie will fit him well but for now they are still quite baggy and a bit too big.  I know one day in the not so distant future I will look back and say wow was he ever that little. 

Busy Week

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

It’s been a busy week! I wish I had some stats to give ya’ . I don’t know his weight, I don’t know his height, I don’t know how regular his heartbeat has been. All I know is that he’s home, he’s healthy considering his circumstances, and he’s a ball of fire when things don’t go his way! For his size he has some set of lungs. He is on a set schedule so every 3 hours he eats and gets a diaper change. That’s been a real blessing. Mommy’s been very good at getting up and letting Daddy sleep so he can get up for work. That may change next week since Grandma and Grandpa will be heading back up to Michigan soon. We’ll see. Big Brother’s excited, but still isn’t sure how to be careful around Li’l Brother. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow for everyone. Again, thank you all for your prayers.

He’s Home!

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

He’s home!!  IC is safe and sound here at home.  Right now Mommy is getting ready to feed him.  He sleeps pretty good for about 3 hours, then wakes up for his feeding.  The nurses have been good to keep him on a schedule.  OD is so excited he’s not sure what to do.

The doctor’s gave us a good rundown of rules and guidelines:  We need to keep him away from public places for a while.  Not too many visitors (and they have to be healthy).  We need to wash our hands every time we handle him.  He needs to wear a hat when it’s cool or air-conditioned.  etc. etc. etc.

God has answered so many prayers this summer.  We can’t thank everyone enough for all the prayers.  We still have a ways to go so please continue to pray for us.  Mommy is very nervous about having him at home so please keep her in your prayers especially.


Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

It’s finally here!!  We just got word today that Isaiah will be coming home either tomorrow or the day after.  We took his carseat in for an inspection by the NICU people, so the last thing that needs to be done is circumcision.  They had to make an appointment with our OB, but had difficulty reaching the doctor.  If he doesn’t have his procedure tomorrow we’ll probably need to wait until Thursday.

Mommy is excited, but nervous.  It will definitely be different not having to go to the hospital every day.  We’re not sure how we’ll handle having both boys.  OD is mixed when we tell him his little brother is coming home.  One minutes he is excited, a few minutes later he doesn’t want him to come home.  I think it will all smooth out once he’s here.  We will have to be very careful not to take him out of the house to public populated places because of the sickness he could get.  We’re so excited to take him to church, but we have to wait a few weeks ’til he gets his shots and builds up his immunities.  With students coming back to school this week I’m afraid Mommy will kick me out of the house if I cough or sneeze!

We’ll post either way on Wednesday night to let you know if he’s home or not.

Coming Soon!

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

We’re getting closer to bringing him home, we know it.  The nurses act so sly hinting here and there, but never really saying what they know is true:  IC is coming home VERY soon.  He’s out of his Isolate (incubator) and into a crib.  They put the NG (feeding) tube back in because they felt it was better to get him into a crib than to remove the feeding tube and I guess they couldn’t do both.  He’s been taking his bottles pretty good, but he gets very tired afterward.  He ate his whole bottle for me today in 10 minutes!  That’s pretty good.  The nurses were excited about it, too.  There’s not much left for him to accomplish other than becoming a better eater.  He’s 3lbs. 15oz. today and still growing.  They thought he’d lose weight moving into a bed because they use fat to keep warm, but he still gained.  That’s very good news!

I spoke with a nurse yesterday about him coming home and how careful we should be.  She said we shouldn’t take him out of the house for at least 6 weeks.  She said even a small cold could put him back in the hospital.  Mommy’s already scared to death of him getting sick so I’m sure she’ll be pretty strict about who can see him.  It’s been a long journey and she sees light at the end of the tunnel.  It won’t be long and he’ll be running and playing with his older brother.

Another Step Closer

Friday, August 10th, 2007

    A few more changes for IC this week.  He was able to come off of the pulsox (sp) monitor.  This is the blue fuzzy monitor that was always wrapped around a foot or an arm in the pictures.  It measured his blood oxygen levels but they have been stable long enough that the doctors decided he didn’t need it any more.  So I guess my statement in the last post was incorrect.  He now is on two monitors and should remain on those until discharge.

    He received all of his meals by bottle last night and as of this morning he is NG (Feeding) tube free.  He tried to pull it out several times yesterday when I was holding him.  He has never been without it but he knows it isn’t supposed to be there.  So now all of his meals are fed by mouth! That means for the first time we can see his face free of tape and tubes!  I will take pictures later and then have Daddy post them for you to see. Only one more milestone to go and then they will begin the countdown to his discharge. 

    He had one heart rate drop in the last 24 hours which is still normal for his age (35 weeks) but the doctor said that many babies outgrow this by the time they are full term (37+ weeks).  As far as putting him in an open crib the nurses tried that last night as well but he isn’t ready.  He got cold so he went back into the isolette.  That is the main goal over the next few days.  He weighs 3lb. 13.8oz today.  I was really hoping that he would reach the four pound mark before they started this.  Moving him to an open crib will slow down his growth as he has to use his calories to stay warm. 

Changing It Up

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

    The past several days have been a series of finals for IC.  He received his last breathing treatment about a week ago.  He had his last day on reflux medicine,last bone marrow shot, last day of medicine for inflammation of the lungs and last night sleeping on a wedge.  The doctor also switched him over to a new formula.  This will be the formula we will feed him for the next couple of months at home. On top of a new formula the Doc changed the amount he is receiving.  He now eats 34ml per feeding. He received a chest x-ray on Monday and the doctor said that it looked much improved from the previous one.  Praise the Lord!

    He still has the feeding tube down his nose. This will remain until he decides to eat all of his meals by mouth.  He will also keep his 3 monitors on until he leaves the NICU.  He hasn’t had any heart rate drops to speak of lately, though I have not spoken to a nurse about it today.  If all goes well over the next weeks this little man may come home without any monitors or extra medicine!  Wow! Isn’t God amazing.  IC weighed 3lb 12.9 oz yesterday and today is one of his down days so he lost a few grams but nothing major.  Yesterday was also what I like to call a growing day.  When time came for him to eat he was so tired that he just wouldn’t do anything but sleep. Oh well, we will try again tomorrow.

Caffeine Free Please

Monday, August 6th, 2007

    IC is officially a caffiene-free child now.  He has been receiving caffeine for over a month all smilesto regulate his heart rate because it has a tendency to drop.  As of Saturday the doctor has ordered that the caffeine be discontinued.  The nurse said that we could anticipate several more heart rate drops than normal this week but so far he continues to do well. 

    He has been finishing his bottle almost every day for several days in a row now.  He is getting two a day and I anticipate that they will soon bump it up to three feedings by bottle a day.  That is providing he has the strength to do so.  Today he weighs 3lb 10.9oz.  He is really picking up the weight now.  His once skinny legs are now quite thick and chunky. Saturday night he was measured and he is now 15 inches long.  He has grown 2 1/4 inches since birth. 

    Big brother OD got his first peek at IC. We got permission to bring OD into the wash room just outside the NICU.  There he was able to look through the big window as mommy brought IC up to the window to show him off.  It was brief but now OD has at least seen his mythical brother.  Despite his noisy environment check out this happy baby.  This was taken while IC was in daddy’s arms.

Bath Day

Saturday, August 4th, 2007

     Well IC’s week has ended a little more eventful than it started out.  Though not a lotgoin' to sleep has happened.  On Thursday Mommy got to give IC a bath.  It was very exciting for mommy but not so much for IC.  He didn’t appear to enjoy the warm water and scratchy hospital wash cloth.  Next time we will bring a softer one from home. 

     IC now weighs 3lb. 9oz.  and is looking more like a chubby baby every day.  OK well maybe chubby was a bit of an exageration but he looks much healthier.  Still no change on his Isolette (incubator) but that will come as he continues to put on the fat.  He is 34 weeks gestation now (almost 6 weeks old) and the baby beside him and the baby across from him in the NICU are both smaller than him.  He is really starting to look like the big kid on the block. 

     On Thursday, IC ate the entire bottle for Daddy. Then on Friday he nearly ate an entire bottle for Mommy.  He is very slowly begining to get stronger.  Though he has a tendency to gulp.  This is actually bad because it makes him more likely to get choked.  I personally think that he does so he doesn’t have to swollow as often.  He is lazy and really likes to sleep (rightfully so since he is only supposed to be growing and practicing breathing at this age anyway).