With A Little Help

    Not a whole lot is new with IC right now.  He has had a lot of neighbor changes in his new environment.  A lot of babies come and go in a matter of days but it doesn’t seem to bother him as he just wants to sleep.  Today he weighs in at 2lb. 11.9oz!  Yesterday he was 2lb. 10oz. so he is making pretty big leeps in weight gain at least they are big leaps for him.  The only down size is that it has been several days since he has had a bowel movement.  This will bring the weight down a little when he does decide to go but he steadily continues to grow.  At this rate of growth he may reach 3 lb. in another week.  According to all the charts a baby of his gestation (32 weeks) in utero should be nearing 4 lbs.  So he has a little catching up to do. 
    He is holding steady at .1 on his nasal canula while breathing room air.  He requires a little oxygen assistance toward the end of his feedings because of reflux but we are hopeful that he will grow out of this in the next few weeks.  However, there is a slight possibility that he will not.  He continues to take medication to control the reflux and has had few spit ups since being put on the medication.  He is also still sleeping on a wedge to help keep his head inclined.  The only words we got from the doctor yesterday were “he just needs to grow” and so our lesson in patience continues.  God continues to affirm that he is in control and our precious baby is in his hands.

    OD is much the same today as well.  He never ceases to amuse us.  Yesterday, Daddy was rushing around getting ready to leave to see IC and then head off to work.  As daddy opened the door to leave OD said “Daddy, you got you wallet and you phone?” (The two things daddy must remember every morning before he leaves) Coincidentally, he had left his phone on his night stand.  OD is always proud to help out and it really makes him feel big when situations like this occur.

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