Day 23 and 24

    Well as of July 17th IC weighed in at 2lb 7.7oz. His oxygen started out around .7 and when I went to see him last night he was already down to .3.  Look at that hair!He was still responding to it very well and requiring only room air.  He still is getting breathing treatments but only on an as needed basis. 

    I arrived at the NICU just in time for his feeding last night so he was quite upset when I got there as he was hungry.  He is now eating 21ml of food per feeding.  We started our K-care time and he just couldn’t seem to get comfortable while being held.  He all but refused to lay his head down on my chest.  He loves to rest his head on his arms so I assumed that he just wanted to do that.  His heart rate and breathing were all over the place on the monitor because of his restlessness.  About 5 minutes later he settled down and began resting more comfortably.  The nurse came and readjusted him so that he could hear my heart beat.  After she left I suddenly realized why IC had been so restless.  It was obvious by the pungent odor that was now surrounding me that he had been struggling that whole time to have a bowel movement. By the way, after that he fell right to sleep for the rest of our time together.  At least until I changed his diaper.
    Based on previous experience with IC and large dirty diapers I assumed that today we would find that he had actually lost weight.  Upon visiting this morning Daddy reported that IC now weighs 2lb 8.4oz!  We have finally reached 2 and 1/2 pounds.  What is more exciting is that when Daddy went to do K-care this morning the nurse got special permission for him to hold IC swaddled in a blanket (just like a normal baby).  We were told that this would happen when he reached 1300 grams but since he is now 3 weeks old the doctors thought that it would be all right.

    OD had a great time out last night.  He went with daddy to play disc (frizbee) golf with a friend at a nearby park while I was with IC.  He (OD) continually asks questions about IC.  Every time we go for a visit he asks if he gets to go back and see his baby brother.  It breaks my heart to have to repeatedly tell him no but I am sure that it will not be long before we come home with IC and OD asks us to take him back to the hospital.  I don’t think he is really going to be ready to hear a baby cry in the middle of the night while he is sleeping.  OD is a smart kid but there is no way to get a two year old to understand the relationship between germs and preemies.

    We thank God daily for IC’s continued progress and the blessing of parenthood.  We would also like to thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts.

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