Moving Up

    Well we can put another day on the books.  IC has been moved from his usual corner in the NICU.  He has now been moved up to what the nurses call the “beepy” area.  This area is more crowded and all of the babies are on monitors that require lots of attention so it is quite noisy.  He still gets a window seat so it doesn’t feel so squished.  That was the most exciting news of the day.

     We did our first double K-Care today.  Daddy spent a little time with him before work and I got to hold him around supper time.  He is weighing in at 2lbs 6oz. so we are pleased with that.  His oxygen has been turned down to .6 as of this evening.  His breathing is still pretty unstable when he gets moved and it takes him 15 minutes or so to settle  back into a good breathing pattern but he does eventually settle down.  His heart rate is much better today back down to 160’s.

    Daddy spoke too soon yesterday.  Last night around midnight I heard a loud thump in the baby monitor.  I went to OD’s room to see what it was and of course he had rolled out of bed.  He was still so sleepy he didn’t even cry.   I don’t think that he realized what had happened.  He has started  walking around this week with his hands cupped saying that he is holding IC because he is little.   It is cute. When IC comes home we are going to have to buy OD his own baby doll so he will have someone to hold until IC is less fragile

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