Still Growing

The picture is from his 3rd day in NICU.  He is holding my (Daddy’s) wedding ring. 

I went to see IC tonight and he is doing great.  He lost 2 grams (.2 ounces).  Not a setback, just a bump in the road.  They’ve increased his formula from 27 calories to 30 and he alternates formula and milk every other feeding.  Holding Daddy's wedding ringI’m sure he’ll grow a little tonight.  His heartbeat had settled since last night.  It was between 150 and 170 which is very good.  I did get to do K-Care.  He fell asleep after about 15 minutes.  He slept very comfortably.  His breathing treatments are on an as-needed basis because of his heartbeat mishap yesterday. 

OD has been doing very well with his big boy bed.  He hasn’t fallen out once this whole week.  He seems to sleep longer than he did with his toddler bed.  We went grocery shopping last night and he wanted to get out of the cart and “walk all be myself”.  So we told him the rules: don’t touch anything on the shelves and stay with Mommy and Daddy.  He did pretty good.  We had to put him back in the cart for a few minutes to remind him of the rules, but once we let him back down he did fine and we even got to see the fish.  It was a good day.

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