Runs in the Family

Every time we visit IC he looks stronger and more alert. Yesterday during our visit he kept picking his head up and pulling his nasalPeek-a-boo!! canula out. He even got irritated that daddy was putting the canula back in so he turned his head to face away from us.

His nurse today said that he was pitching such a fit that the only way she could get him to calm down was to rub the top of his head until he fell asleep. The funny thing is that daddy and big brother OD are exactly the same way. All it takes to relax them is a little running your fingers through their hair. So I guess now there are three in our family who will stand in line for a good hair massage.

As of today IC weighs in at 2lb 2.8oz. We are so close to 1000 grams. 1000 grams is a big milestone for preemies born as early as IC. I guess that the high calorie formula is really doing its thing. The only problem is now he spits up after many of his formula feedings. As long as he continues to grow we will allow a little spit-up.

We did another K-Kare today. It takes him a minute or two to get comfy but once he does he really enjoys being snuggled up next to mommy or daddy. Soon we will be moving to two k-kares a day. I am not exactly sure what happens after that. The logical suggestion would be 3 times a day. While he is visibly larger (a little bit larger) than when he was born he is still very tiny and somewhat fragile. K-kare is an eye opening reminder of this. I know that he will do a lot of changing in the next few weeks so I hope that we will keep up in pictures.

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