On the Road Again

IC was able to go back on the nasal canula again!  All of this to imitate Mommy's womb.His breathing straightened out and he’s no longer on the CPAP.  He only gained .3 ounces (@1lb. 15.8oz.), but that’s all right.  He’s .2 shy of his birth weight (2lbs.).  Mommy and Daddy are very sad they can’t see him right now.  As Mommy said we’ve somehow picked up a bug in the family and we need to keep it away from little IC.  We have been calling the hospital very often, though!

This picture is an early picture of him (3 days old) and shows all the equipment it took to sustain him.  This is the technological equivalent of a womb. 

We do have an extra special surprise for you, though!  Some footage from his first week.  They perform what’s called “Care Time” every 3 hours where they change his diaper and check his vitals.  There are two options to download.  The larger file size will take about 10 minutes to download with high speed, but the quality is GREAT!  The smaller file size will take about 1 minute with high speed and about a half hour with dial-up. 

Download High Quality

Download Low Quality

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