Day 12 in the NICU

When I went to visit IC yesterday his nurse suggested that we skip K-Kare for the day. She suggested this because he is still having some difficulties breathing and moving him only seems to intensify his difficulty. So the prognosis was to let the sleeping dog(s) lie. His breathing problem was casually labeled by the nurse as apnea/bradycardia. It is very frightning to watch as he will forget to breathe for a few moments but it is not frequent and we have not received a confirmed diagnosis from any of the Doctors just yet. If it does indeed turn out to be apnea/bradycardia the nurse has assured us that it is very common and nothing to worry about just yet.

As of today the doctor looked over the latest chest X-ray and informed us that his lungs look much better than they did in previous examinations. Because of this tomorrow they plan to once again attempt to remove the CPAP and move him back to the nasal canula. That is the good news….the bad news is that daddy and I both woke up this morning with stuffy noses. Actually mine was more along the lines of runny but nevertheless we asked the doctor what we should do and his suggestion was that we stay away for a few days and then when we do come back we have to wear a mask so as not to spread any germs.
That means that we wont get to see our baby until next week. This is terrible to even think of but it is best for IC and all of the other babies in the NICU. I guess that means that it was indeed for the best that I didn’t get to hold him yesterday. We’re guessing that this mystery cold came from a waiting room/door or hand rail in the hospital as OD started showing signs of it a day or two earlier.
He has spent a lot of time in the waiting room of the hospital and as you can imagine he doesn’t just set quietly in his chair.

IC now weighs 1lb 15.5oz! If all goes well he will be back to his birth weight before the weekend is up. The doctor has also started to add fortifier to his milk in order to give him adequate minerals and especially calcium, not to mention additional calories. This could possibly speed up his growth even more. As of now he is eating only the milk and supplement. The IV for fatty acids and sugar water should have both been discontinued. I forgot to ask his nurse if that IV was taken out today. Also if he stays stable in his blood gasses and sugar level the large IV put in his arm (PICC line) will be removed within the next week. It is so encouraging to gradually see him freed from all of the wires that covered his tiny body for these first weeks of his life. He is not wire free yet but hopefully that day will come soon.

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