A Mother’s Touch

Mommy went to see IC today and was welcomed with a couple of surprises. IC and Mommy doing Kangaroo CareFirst, they took off the CPAP (a machine that adds pressure to his air supply to help him breathe). Now he’s breathing on his own without the help of machines. He still has an Oxygen tube to help with the Oxygen saturation levels in his blood, but there’s no machine to help his lungs take in air.

Her second surprise was Kangaroo Care. Kangaroo Care is where Mommy or Daddy can place a preemie on their chest to bond. Usually the baby has to be 1000grams (2.2lbs.), but because he’s doing so well they decided it was time. Right now he’s 1lb. 13.9oz. She was so excited to hold him for the first time I’ll let her tell the rest.

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