Fun To Be One

October 18th, 2010

EP is officially a toddler now, whether he actually toddles or not.  He received his vaccinations today and is not a happy camper.  He has gained 1.25 lbs since his last appointment.  He now weighs exactly 18 lbs. and is 29 in. tall.  He seems to be in all around good health. 

His first birthday was sweet and fun for our family.  Mommy made a carrot cake with cream cheese icing and EP Loved it.  He pinched the icing and fed it to himself until he got down to the cake then he pinched the cake until he had eaten about1/3 of his little baby sized cake.  He received an adorable barn with animals to play with and every baby’s favorite “new clothes”.  He has such a funny personality and dearly loves to play with his big brothers. Happy birthday to my baby!

At Last!

October 13th, 2010

EP finally, broke a tooth through this week.  It looks like our days of gummy smiles are almost over!  I know he will look entirely different with teeth.  He will also be celebrating a birthday soon and we are very excited about that.  It is a little sad to think that our littlest member will no longer qualify as baby.  He is not yet walking though he is thinking about taking his first steps.  It would be very exciting to see that happen before his birthday.

IC is loving preschool and must be a different child at school than he is at home.  Daddy and I were worried that he would be to shy in school however, the opposite seems to be true.  I believe that part of this is from his older brother’s influence.

OD is reading.  I was very excited the other day when he picked up a book and began to read it to EP.  He still loves Kindergarten and tells us daily of his adventures, which mostly center around the playground.  Our first real “parent teacher conference” is next week.  I am interested to see what his teacher has to say.

IMG_2835More updates to come next week after the big 1 year check up!

Off To School!

October 3rd, 2010

IMG_2925 Here are OD and IC ready for school!  It’s been fun watching IC learning and making new friends.  OD is learning all sorts of new things, too!  Kindergarten is very different from PreSchool.  But he’s ready for the challenge.

Major Adjustments

August 17th, 2010

I can’t believe that things have changes so fast. OD is off to Kindergarden this very morning! He was so excited and ready to go. I’m sad that he is so big but so far there are no tears. (as long as Mommy doesn’t go back and look at baby pictures we will be fine.)

IC is equally excited though not as ready. He has finally conquered toilet training this summer and will be heading off to preschool in a week. He is only going to be gone for two half-days each week but it is still a big step considering the fact that just 3 short years ago he was only 4 lbs and had only been home from the hospital 2 days. He still has a few small milestones to achieve in his speech and fine motor skills. He did not qualify for assistance in any areas but I do see a mild delay in these areas. He is awkward with his hands and can be difficult to understand but we a paying extra attention these areas and hopefully he will catch up soon.

EP, however, is extremely different from the first two. He has auburn hair and a big apetite to go with it. This is quite different from his brothers who were very slow, poor eaters.
On the other hand, EP is very lazy. He is crawling and cruising all over the place but still has poor balance and is not interested in walking on his own. He is 10 months today and only weighs about 17lbs. Despite this fact, he still looks as if he will be the largest of the three boys as he is tall and chubby.

How time flies. My boys are all growing up too fast.

March Maddness!!!

March 15th, 2010

Well things have been quite busy around these parts. EP weighed a little over 13lb at his last appointment and was just over 24in long. He is growing well but does not look as plump as he had some weeks ago. He is still not rolling over! On his back he will arch his back and neck and roll on to his side in order to see what is going on behind him but he has no desire to roll over. However, he loves to sit up. In the exersaucer he gets very excited and kicks his legs so this may be his preferred method of play for a while.
EP began rice cereal last week and is not all that impressed with it. He has recently begun sticking his tongue out when I bring the spoon to his mouth. He has always seemed eager to eat though he may only eat a meager portion.

The other two boys are doing great though not sleeping so well lately. They both seem to resist sleep in the evenings. The fact that they share a room has only complicated the problem as they continue to call to each other and keep the other awake. Mommy and Daddy have resorted to taking away nightlights and even spankings in efforts to keep them in their beds. EP is the only one who is eager to go to bed.
But that too will change in time.

This weekend Mommy and Daddy got to sneak away and see a movie together to celebrate Birthdays! This is the first time we have seen a movie at the theatre together in more than a year!!! Mommy felt guilty the whole time but we were long overdue for some grown up time. We will update again in April when EP is 6months. Can’t believe we are already at a half a year.

Happy New Year!

January 13th, 2010

I don’t know about everyone else but we enjoyed our holiday season, however, we are thrilled that it is over. All of the running, buying, wrapping and receiving gifts is exhausting. It turns out that IC had strep over the holiday and no one even knew it. We wouldn’t have found out except for an unexplained rash that prompted a visit to the doctor last week. Other than the rash everyone is in good spirits and as always we are more blessed than we deserve. IC weighs 24lb with clothes on now. He has gained about 3 lbs since June. That is good news. Toilet training, however, is another story. He is finally able to use the toilet without panicing but he still refuses to tell us when he has to go. In fact, when left naked he will surprise himself when he begins to go.

OD is now 5! It is very hard to believe that he is so big now. He has grown 3 inches since last year and now weighs 35 lbs. He is a great big brother to the other two (most of the time). He is also starting to read fairly well. He is all ready for Kindergarten in the fall.

EP is getting bigger every day. He hates tummy time and is consequently lagging behind in his arm and back muscles. He loves to hold his head up and see what is going on and he also loves to snuggle. OD was rolling over by this age (12 weeks) and swimming on his tummy but each child is different. We are just going to have to be careful that he does not fall behind on his development.

In mid-December EP was 2months old and weighed 10lbs. He was also 22 inces long. He has since slowed a little in his growth but we are excited to see how much he has grown next month when he is 4 months.

The weather has been so cold lately we are wishing for spring to come soon.

Welcome #3

October 22nd, 2009

If finally happened. On Saturday October 17 EP was born. The day was very much like the rest but the contractions continued. Mommy paid them little mind until after putting the boys to bed. Around 9:30 Daddy agreed that they were regular but they were not intense enough for Mommy to believe that it was time to go.

After doing everything possible to see if they would stop Mommy agreed that it was time to make the call. We left the house around 12 midnight and the contractions seemed to have stopped. This all changed as soon as we hit the . All of the sudden the contractions were intense and more frequent than before. After a few minutes of this Mommy relayed her fears that the hospital was too far and we would not make it. The trip normaly takes about 45 minutes. However, there is a hospital on the way to our hospital so this was our goal.

The contractions kept getting worse and Daddy was driving 90 miles an hour trying to make it there on time. After what felt like hours of agony and many slow drivers in or way, we pulled up to the ER but Mommy was unable to get out of the van. When she did get out she was unable to walk and sank to the ground at which point her water broke! A nurse finally arrived with a wheel chair and we went racing through the hospital. Baby began crowning in the elevator but all the nurses could say was don’t push! By the time we were wheeled into the nearest empty room and mommy was lifted onto the bed baby was already out!!! So needless to say it was a crazy night. EP was born at 12:26am! It was the quickest drive of our lives.

EP was perfectly healthy and breathing well on his own. He had a normal stay in the hospital with Mommy and came home with us Monday. He currently has a little jaundice but other than that is doing great. He was born at 6lb 0oz and left the hospital at 5lb 7oz. What a miracle and long journey it has been getting him here safely. God has truly once again blessed our family.

Term Baby

October 16th, 2009

Baby #3 is officially a term baby now and has still chosen to behave and stay where he belongs for a few more days. However, it will not be long. Today is day 4 without any medication to calm the contractions and wow is Mommy ever feeling them.

OD and IC are officially roommates now. This seems to have improved their friendship a little as they play together much more and lay awake and giggle at night. IC loves the idea of a toddler bed of his own but every now and then he will crawl back into the crib and play. We have left the side off for the time being but will readjust everything before baby needs it.

The most exciting part of this week has been that Mommy is no longer on bed rest. But it will take a while to rebuild enough muscle for Mommy to actually be a productive person during the day. She still requires frequent rests but is mostly able to keep up with IC during the day. Needless to say the house is slowly coming back into some sort of order. This will all change again once # 3 decides to make himself known. But laundry and toys no longer seem to take over the house on a daily basis.

As before, a post will be made as soon as anything interesting happens.

Bad Week!

October 5th, 2009

Well last week was not a fun week for our household. It was supposed to be a short week of school due to Fall break. On Tuesday OD came home from school the same as always. His appetite was not great at dinner (totally normal with our boys who are both poor eaters most of the time) so we coaxed him to finish at least part of his dinner. As bedtime got closer he began to complain of a tummy ache. Again this is not abnormal as he learns and pushes the boundaries of how to get out of doing things. Once he was finally in bed it wasnt thirty minutes before he came running into our room announcing that he had thrown up. Great. Poor daddy got stuck cleaning up the bulk of it since Mommy is still on bed rest. OD proceeded to feel terrible and throw up for about 6 hours. He couldn’t even hold down water! The next day he lay around pretty much all day and ate only a little.

Fast forward to Thursday and the fun begins. To make a long story short Mommy had to call Daddy home from work to watch the boys because she was sick and within the next 5 hours both IC and Daddy were sick as well. Our entire family was fighting for the sink or toilet. I was very happy at this point that we had two bathrooms! Not fun. By Friday Things had settled a little and Mommy’s body was not acting right so we went in to see the doctor. Turned out that mommy was very dehydrated and was beginning to go into labor.

The doctors got Mommy rehydrated and labor stopped but they kept Mommy over night for observation. Poor Daddy took the boys home and they all lay or slept around the house until Mommy called the next morning. It has been a slow recovery process as our systems are still learning to tolerate most foods again. IC in the mean time is still struggling with gross bowel movements so hopefully he will go to the doctor tomorrow to rule out any underlying issues.

We do know that this is not the Flu as Mommy was tested at the doctors office and it came back negative. Baby #3 is still on board and we a just a few short days from 36 weeks. It wont be long now. The Medicine to stop labor will be taken away this week and we shall see what becomes of us.

After all of this came the worst news of the week. That dreaded phone call in the night that Mommy’s dear grandfather had passed away. Not only is Mommy still on bed rest but t he doctor is definitely not supporting any idea of a 4 hour drive with delivery this close at hand. This means that we will not even be able to go to the funeral! This is one lousy week.

Growing Pains

September 29th, 2009

IC had a visit to the gastro doctor last week. His pediatrician sent him just for an evaluation. He is still very small and she wants to make sure that he is digesting his food properly. The Gastro doctor didn’t even think that bloodwork needed to be done. He took one look at IC’s growth chart and said that he was growing normally and was just small. It will be very interesting to hear what his pediatricians thoughts are when we go back. His next visit will be a weight check when we take the new baby for the first visit. That should be in early november if all goes well.

Baby number 3 is still growing. It is starting to get very exciting both because we are just weeks away from the end of this lengthy bed rest and so near to finally meeting and holding this new little guy. Mommy has been on bed rest for almost 20 weeks so far. Baby is nearly 35 weeks old so we are just a little over 2 weeks from full term. However, the doctor is wanting to discontinue the use of the medicine to prevent preterm labor at 36 weeks, which is very soon. After that things will just happen naturally, but we don’t think that it will take long after the medicine is stopped.

OD is enjoying preschool most days, however, it didn’t take long for the excitement of going to school every day to get old. He no longer wakes us up in the morning and is increasingly difficult to get to bed. The unsettled state of our family at this time is no doubt difficult for him to process and adjust to. This will all be remedied very soon. We will continue to update as things progress.